Wednesday's PointPay service changes are already collected and available for viewing! The most interesting innovations were: the completion of Trade History, an update of % stacking, and the ability to use multiple active milestones for hourly contracts. In addition, many interface improvements and changes were made.

Read about these and not only updates in the full version below!

Withdawals + Payment System

  • Conducted an audit of additional user requests to resolve them;
  • Audited custom funds and made necessary adjustments;
  • Prepared a list of KYC integration discrepancies for further manual synchronization.


  • Added a sign of sending to an unregistered email in the Request for Withdrawal Commission Calculation.


  • payment schedule calculation for CryptoLoan without linking to it, so the user can get acquainted with the schedule even before execution;
  • the calculation of the minimum amount to be charged on Savings accounts to display a notification to the user;
  • the calculation of the equivalent of the Total, Regular, and Savings balances of the user in BTC for output on mobile devices.


  • Completed Trade History in the terminal, so that this information is available for users to view;
  • Migrated additional services to interact with the new trading API to unify the system.

Mobile Apps


  • Implemented viewing project information in Launchpad flow so users can see project details;
  • Moved the currency sign to the beginning of the line in Analytics Flow so that users can see the fiat currency sign before the amount;
  • Replaced the display of the fiat currency code with a sign so that users see the $ sign instead of USD, for example;


  • the word Passcode for PIN-code inside the application since the PIN-code is more correct word;
  • endpoint from v1 to v2 within Sell Crypto to use the actual endpoint from the backend.

Released version 7.8.2 of the app, which includes tasks:

  • Accounts Tab;
  • History Widget On Dashboard;
  • Bug fixes in the App Store.


  • Implemented Buy section in Launchpad flow so users can buy project tokens;
  • Implemented the Profit section in the Referral Program section so that the user can see his Referral Program statistics;
  • Improved the functionality of Iceberg Order in the Exchange Flow, so that the user can see the error if necessary and so that Iceberg Step only looks at cryptocurrency.


  • Made the header look the same on all products by removing NFT Sky, regardless of the width of the header;
  • Improved the menu in the mobile version so that the text does not merge in the dark theme;
  • Updated the Staking percentages on the Home Page and PXP Board due to changes within the product so that users are aware of the current rate.

HR Talent

  • Made the option of multiple active milestones for hourly contracts so that users can choose the activity to time track.


  • Started an authentication service to attach and detach a Telegram Bot to an account.

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