The Wednesday update is ready. The changes affected all PointPay services. CryptoBank got comprehensive usability improvements. Sender and recipient addresses are now displayed in the transaction history. iOS got interface design improvements, as well as Android, got a new order type. Some transitions and the Fee interface have also been tidied up.

Details are waiting for you in the Update below!

Withdrawals + Payment System

  • Verified the funds for withdrawals. This will allow us to process withdrawal requests;
  • Reworked the Go Gateway v2 architecture from GRPC to Kafka. It will allow us to implement a stable version of integration.


  • Added a button block when taking CryptoLoan, so you can't send repeated withdrawal request;
  • Processed inactive currencies in Account summary to display them only if the user does not have a zero balance;
  • Implemented output of the sender address to the recipient and vice versa in the Transactions History.


  • the correct sending of a letter for partial repayment of a Crypto Loan;
  • sending an email about receiving a deposit by a newly registered user if the transfer was made before registration.


  • Rewrote the order service in Go, making it faster and more convenient for further development.

Mobile Apps


  • Merged all the screens in the Accounts tab;
  • Removed the red zero after reading all the notifications;
  • Added an FAQ section to the Launchboard screen so users could familiarize themselves with what Launchboard is all about;
  • Changed the staging URLs for Referral Program requests so that our tester can test Referral Program tasks;
  • Implemented a lower navbar in Launchboard flow;
  • Improved display of the payment methods list in P2P flow when adding methods on the “Create new Ad” screen so that available payment methods are displayed to the user.


  • Added new order types to the Exchange Flow;
  • Displayed KYC notifications in the Accounts tab so that the user reaches the required KYC-2 level to make withdrawal transactions;
  • Improved the display of numbers on the Dashboard in Arabic so that the user sees the numbers in the correct order.


  • Updated the Preview banner on the site to blend in with the site design;
  • Put the Exchange in the first place in the header and menu of the ecosystem to be immediately visible to the user.

Improved the transition from the NFT tab:

  • now a new window with the NFT market opens;
  • user can easily return to PointPay since its window is not closing anymore;
  • removed the “New” icon.

Updated the Trading Fees page:

  • corrected the commission value for ETH output;
  • changed the opening navigation to the Home page;
  • added a search bar;
  • hid irrelevant information.


  • the KYC incident individually for several users and resolved their issues;
  • and improved security by addressing possible vulnerabilities in multiple libraries.

HR Talent

  • Improved the font display.


  • Made internal storage improvements for faster data handling.


  • Created internal models for the P2P Telegram bot, making further development possible;
  • Added a 2FA module to the front end. The user must enter a 2FA code to transfer the cryptocurrency to the buyer.

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