It's Wednesday already, and we keep improving our services for you. In addition to general improvements and refinements, as well as a number of preparatory changes for future features, we have comprehensively improved the Regular and Savings tab, as well as implemented the sending of a reminder of completed stacking.
You can find all the details in our Wednesday Update!


  • Send an email at the end of a Stacking session to notify the user about receiving the reward;
  • Performed internal audits on Stacking.


  • Finished developing the Trading API authorization mechanism, necessary to give access to customers;
  • Updated HTTP handlers, this gives us flexibility and consistency of components when developing services;
  • Removed dependencies in the metering engine, one of the tasks to refactor the matcher in preparation for the integration of margin trading.

Mobile Apps


  • Created builds of apps 7.8.1 and 7.8.2 for our testers;
  • Improved the functionality of Sell flow in P2P, so users with KYC-2 level see no KYC error;
  • Changed the display of Pass KYC and KYC Under Review errors from a UI perspective according to the new design;
  • Implemented display of Regular and Savings history when entering the widget, where the last three transactions from Regular and Savings accounts are displayed, so users can see all their transactions;
  • Added filter by date when entering widget, where last three transactions of Regular and Savings accounts are displayed, for user to see all transactions of required period;
  • Implemented the transition from the screen displaying transactions of Regular and Savings accounts to the display of details of the transaction itself, so the user can view detailed information on each transaction.


  • Improved the functionality of "Select Crypto" flow, now users can see the list of cryptocurrencies correctly;
  • Removed the download icon on the Dashboard screen, so that users do not see this icon when logging into the app;
  • Hide the PNL statistics buttons on the Dashboard screen and inside the Dashboard as PNL statistics are not available yet;
  • Once the PNL statistics will be redesigned on CryptoBank side and re-enabled, we will add it to the mobile app;
  • Improved Account Summary display, we now use a separate endpoint that returns the available balance for all cryptocurrencies the user currently has in their account.


  • Developed a separate endpoint for business account registration for future implementation of this functionality;
  • Made an endpoint to remove user avatar for transferring to mobile development team.

HR Talent

  • Added a description to the tracking intervals in hourly contracts to make it clear what intervals there are.


  • Added a type field for Voting so you can put multiple labels on a project for Voting.


  • Added function of copying a field in a payment method, so that it can be copied faster.


  • a mechanism for the administrator to view current existing payment methods, taking the first step towards adding top-100 payment methods to P2P;
  • dynamic label creation for the translation service to speed up the process of entering strings.

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