Tuesday's update is ready for review. Today we finished testing the new version of the iOS app and sent it for review. We also prepared for the release of the connection of a separate UI Kit in Authorization.

Find out more details as well as other news in the full version of the update below!



  • processing of requests for partners and payment systems;
  • the withdrawal commission dependence on currency-network pair instead of the previous dependence only on the currency.


  • Updated the matcher; now it works in a separate thread for each market;
  • Completed development of β€œMy Trades”.

Mobile Apps


  • Displayed the whole amount in cryptocurrency in the Quick Exchange flow;
  • Improved displaying UI on the Dashboard so that everything looked like on the new layout;
  • Performed regression testing of App version 7.9.2;
  • Uploaded version 7.9.2 to the App Store for review, including Sign In Without Registration, UI Improvements, and bug fixes.


  • Updated API for getting Order Boks in the Exchange flow;
  • Changed the default view and timeframe when opening a pair;
  • Implemented a redirect of the push notification to the notification center;


  • application performance by fixing lateinit property initialization;
  • displaying the number of active projects in the Launchpad flow;


  • the prompt text when entering a referral code in the Registration flow;
  • the comma with a dot when entering the amount in Send flow.


  • Successfully tested saving a user-selected language to the database;
  • Prepared for release of the connection of a separate UI Kit in the Authorization project.

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