Read about the most recent changes in Tuesday's update. We've released a new version for Android and sent the iOS version out for review. In addition, we added support for BTC accounts and worked on the interfaces.

Read about it all in the full update below!


  • Scanned and loaded deposits in Fireblocks;
  • Completed a reconciliation with Mercuryo.


  • Described database structure as a part of creating a new version of Buy Sell Crypto;
  • Implemented the Balances widget as part of the creation of the Dashboard;
  • Improved KYC-0 processing for buying cryptocurrency through Circle ACH to meet response standards;
  • Combined opcodes for Transaction History to display an old and new opcode, or several different opcodes, under the same name to the user.


  • Improved the performance of the new version of Matcher; it now handles more data;
  • Added diagnostic messages on Matcher for better monitoring of its performance.

Mobile apps


  • Changed the color of the "Do you already have an account?" alert text when trying to sign up with an existing email;
  • Implemented Login to the app without registration and made changes to the Dashboard;
  • Made changes to the Exchange flow in the Login Without Registration flow;
  • Conducted regression testing of version 7.9.0 to identify bugs before release;
  • Submitted version 7.9.0 to the App Store for review with Launchpad and bug fixes.


  • the text in the alert for invalid email;
  • the display of flags for some currencies.


  • Improved stub display in Regular/Savings accounts history;
  • Added precision support for BTC accounts;
  • Released version 6.6.0 of the app in Play Market, which included Launchpad and bug fixes. This version is already available for users.


  • Added "Please enter valid email address" error display after entering the wrong email address;
  • Prepared for testing the trading schedule for the Exchange, where the first data can be uploaded inside the iFrame to improve the user experience as a result;
  • Transferred texts from the Errors project to the PointPay project in CrowdIn, as part of a technical task to optimize internal processes;
  • Improved the stability of the test environment on the Home Page and Referral Program to continue quality testing and releases.


  • the display of letters when filling out the Bug Report;
  • navigation on the test environment.


  • Added a Risk and Disclaimer button in the header so you can see the legal risk document;
  • Updated the design for successful projects on Voting by making a large bar with a visual label;
  • Changed the link to the listing form in the footer.

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