We are ready to present you our today's update. This time we have worked on cryptocurrency gift cards, improved mobile app functionality, slightly optimized the project, and added new order types as well as the possibility of automatic contract payments.

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  • Changed the formats of answers to queries and their processing on Gift Cards to bring them to a common standard;
  • Improved verification of the entered amount by the user in the Gift Cards to correctly determine whether the balance is sufficient for the transaction;
  • Implemented the receipt of funds by the user after Registration if they were sent to him before Registration;
  • Changed link leading to Gift Cards from CryptoBank Home page;
  • Updated processing of Invoice creation date so it will be shown to the user correctly.


  • Audited Exchange admin panel and identified a list of necessary improvements.




  • the display of the Savings tab so that users can correctly sort cryptocurrencies;
  • the functionality of the Quick Exchange flow. Now users will be warned if a pair is unavailable for exchange after selecting a second pair;
  • the cancellation functionality of adding feedback to a contract in P2P flow so that the user can cancel the feedback and leave another one;


  • History widget to Dashboard with last three transactions from Regular and Savings accounts and connected further flow where user can see all history;
  • new order types to the Exchange flow.


  • Implemented a separate Trade flow in the tab Accounts, so the user can use this functionality and then switch to the Exchange flow.


  • History widget to Dashboard where user can see last three transactions from Regular and Savings accounts;
  • HTTP logs to notifications for debug builds. Testers can now see all HTTP traffic and check what fell and what was right.


  • Optimized the lines in the Shared project in Crowdin to reduce the number of resources spent on maintaining them.


  • user type recognition for business accounts;
  • display of referral accumulation so that even with a small amount, there was an accurate calculation display.

HR Talent

  • Implemented the mechanism of automatic payments in hourly contracts, so the client does not need to do it every time manually;
  • Added tracking settings to the backend and the last screenshot to display on the contract page.


  • Made code integration for the P2P Telegram bot, thereby filling its P2P functionality;


  • Google Analytics to analyze user actions;
  • a 2FA pass request to confirm the transaction.

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