Tuesday's update is already here. This time, in addition to improvements to the design and usability of the platform, we've updated Terms of Use for B2B accounts, due to upcoming innovations.
You can read more about the changes in our Tuesday Update below!


  • Refactored the website header to implement a new architectural approach within the company;
  • Sorted LTV in CryptoLoans in ascending order;
  • Generated a configuration file when building code to allow its quality checking.


  • extra zeros from amounts in CryptoLoans and Stacking section;
  • the request processing from CryptoLoans for the old limit logic for each currency separately to reduce the amount of unused code and simplify the work.


  • Completed a redesign of the order placement for a more user-friendly experience;
  • Sorted out the client orders that required manual posting;
  • Separated the order stack into a separate service to speed up the element.

Mobile Apps


  • Added ability to display avatar on Dashboard and in Profile after adding avatar under Edit Profile so that user can see added avatar;
  • Improved photo uploading in Edit Profile, as previously, a photo may not be added;
  • Had a backend review of the "Open App Without Registration" epic to make sure all necessary endpoints worked when we deployed the epic.


  • Changed the Dashboard icon so that the Accounts and Dashboard tab icons are not the same;
  • Improved Take CryptoLoan flow so that CryptoLoan take-up is stable;
  • Made word Dashboard dynamic in size because, in some languages, the word Dashboard did not fit in the bottom navbar.


  • Added P2P and Launchboard products to the menu in the mobile version of the site
  • Published new Terms of Use for B2B account before the later release of this functionality;
  • Hid the B2B account for USA users, as this is a different jurisdiction requiring different Terms of Use;
  • Edited the Savings account percentage display on the Home page by removing "up to" so that users would have the correct information;
  • Made an upload of all users who don't use 2FA protection to remind them in the future of the importance of this method for account security.

HR Talent

  • Added hourly rate and project size to hourly contracts so that users see this information in the contract.


  • Added automatic addition of payment method attribute names to Crowdin so that all new payment methods created are automatically sent for transfer;
  • Implemented adding fields to a payment method through the admin panel.

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