Day by day we continue our work. This time the greatest number of changes affected the Withdrawals and Payment System. However, there are a lot of other changes as well.
You can read about all of them in our Tuesday Update!

Withdrawals + Payment System

  • Synchronized the status of KYC. We continue to analyze the causes of hang-ups in integration. This allows our customers to use transactions available to users who have passed KYC-2;
  • Performed initial reconciliation of Sell Crypto and Buy Crypto with partners. This allows us to identify possible discrepancies in the accounting system.


  • the initial verification of user balances using the reconciliation tool. This allows us to identify discrepancies in balances and make appropriate adjustments;
  • the development of a tool to verify the original transaction hash in terms of each transaction in the system. This will allow us to speed up the time to verify withdrawal requests;
  • the development and started testing ACH Plaid/Circle. This allows our clients to use ACH bank accounts in USA to make Buy Crypto;
  • the design of MVP B2B Payment System, this will allow our customers to use new B2B payment transactions.

Started testing

  • Go Gateway v2.0 + Fireblocks adapter + BitGO adapter. It allows us to improve the architecture of Custodians interoperability solution in terms of stability, scalability and fault tolerance;
  • testing Simplex Buy Crypto. It will allow our clients to buy cryptocurrencies through Simplex partners.


  • Set up and connected ClickHouse database as a part of Statistics service realization, which will allow forming reports for business and users;
  • Added transfers for cards of last actions of users on the Main page of CryptoBank;
  • Implemented receiving Gift Card by unregistered user and charging funds after registration;
  • Completed animation design for marketing blocks in CryptoBank sections, so they are more accentuated.


  • Improve the performance and display of recent market prices on the Exchange.


  • the design of the chart's blueprints (price indicators inside a candle), this data is very useful for more professional traders;
  • the order placement API for new trading API service, so soon you can connect to the Exchange via API.

Mobile Apps


  • Improved the display of information on CryptoLoan, so that users can see this information and not receive back errors;
  • Added a separate tab Accounts in lower navbar to the right of the tab Payments, which will now display all the details of users' account balances;
  • Changed the text about KYC, where the user sees that he has an insufficient level of KYC;
  • Discussed the design and endpoints of the Adding Accounts Tab epic to see what endpoints we were missing on the backend.


  • Changed the text about KYC, where users see that it has an insufficient KYC level;
  • Added a separate Accounts tab in the bottom navbar to the right of the Payments tab, which will now display all the detailed information on users' account balances;
  • Improved flow of data changes in the Profile tab for those who have not passed the KYC, so that these users can change their data;
  • Improved runtime of the app after a tap on "P2P Exchange" in the "Top Up" modal window when entering from the Dashboard, so that the app works steadily for users.


  • Improved error handling related to authorization in case of a locked user, so he will be aware of the reason;
  • Conducted an investigation related to security and two-factor protection, defining the actions that we will implement in the next two weeks to further improve user security;
  • Wrote a script to identify unused modules that are part of the build, to optimize the development process and later more easily implement the UI Kit build as a separate package.

HR Talent

  • Made it possible to send an invite to a contract via messenger, so that customers and talent have a more intuitive mechanism for interacting with invitations.


  • Implemented configuring the voting type from the admin panel, so you can choose whether a project will have a staking stage on the Vote;
  • Made it possible to buy project tokens for various cryptocurrencies, not just USDT.

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