Dear PointPay family,

We continue to improve PointPay and today we have released a new Tuesday update. Our team has worked on the CryptoBank platform and improved the handling of text in the tooltips. We also completed vulnerability checks on CryptoLoans. In addition, we worked on improving the Withdrawals & Payment System. Alerting and checking Hot Wallet transactions in Custodians were completed. We also finished the design of the B2B payment system.

For the PointPay iOS mobile app, we changed the colour of the snackbar from red to green when removing the payment method in P2P. We also improved the functionality of the Status filter on the My Ads tab in P2P. For the Android app we have implemented Pull to refresh on the Dashboard screen. And besides, we improved the feedback card display in the completed contract in P2P.

Read more about the innovations in today's update!

Withdrawals & Payment System

  • Improved operation of the Scoring system in terms of sending automatic Scoring check results to the admin panel;
  • Prepared reconciliation tool for balances on user transactions.


  • development of backend part of ACH Circle/Plaid payments;
  • development of integration with Simplex on Buy Crypto;
  • Alerting and verification of Hot Wallet transactions in Custodians;
  • the design of the B2B payment system.


  • Improved the handling of text in tooltips;
  • Completed vulnerability checks on CryptoLoans;
  • Added metrics targets to modal windows with KYC prompts.


  • Conducted load testing.


  • the display of tooltips on the Exchange;
  • the display of the Market Date service.

Mobile App

For iOS mobile app

  • Implemented display of KYC level insufficiency in the My Ads flow when creating an ad in P2P;
  • Changed snackbar colour from red to green when removing payment method in P2P;
  • Fixed text in button from Dispute in Progress to Dispute Chat in P2P.


  • the functionality of the Contracts tab in P2P;
  • the functionality of Status filter in My Ads tab of P2P.


  • snackbar error message about insufficient funds in Sell flow in P2P;
  • ability to see Closed Ads in My Ads tab of P2P.

For Android mobile application

  • Improved the display of the feedback card in a completed contract in P2P;
  • Removed the Dispute Chat button from the Contract Completed screen in P2P.


  • Pull to refresh on the Dashboard screen;
  • dynamic receipt of payment methods in Buy/Sell flow in P2P;
  • displaying KYC insufficiency in My Ads flow when creating an ad in P2P;
  • an option to leave a comment while leaving feedback in P2P.


  • Hide the broken links from the footer of the Home page;
  • Updated the static map image.


  • a KYC incident where a user failed to progress to the next level;
  • why the Referral Programme's statistic count does not match.

HR Talent Platform

  • Tested regular contracts in a production environment.


  • Started work on adding project token purchases for different cryptocurrencies;
  • Added display of % of target in Voting inside the project card;
  • Completed a page in the admin panel where user rights and roles are assigned.



  • user statistics update for Quick P2P for different actions;
  • an API to retrieve the list of ads for Quick P2P.

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