Dear PointPay family,

Let's check we've made for today. Improved the mechanism of transferring funds via an email. Made P2P visible for unregistered users and improved the display of KYC errors on mobile apps. Check out our Tuesday Update for more details.

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Tested the ability to leave a comment about the seller or the buyer at the stage of leaving the feedback in P2P; so that users can leave their comments so others can make up their opinion about the reliability of their counterparts.
  • We tested the appearance of KYC errors from the backend for the following flows: Sell Crypto, Send By Email, Send To Wallet, CryptoLoans, Staking. Displaying of the UI errors from the iOS side will be added later.

Improved the UI of the display of the ‘purchase flow’ on the screen for entering the amount in P2P, so that the

  • cryptocurrency icons in the header are correctly displayed to the user;
  • The height of the tabs is in scale with the design layouts;
  • The ‘Max’ button is displayed correctly;
  • The copy button the Contract Number functioning better.

For Android mobile application

  • Added the ability to open photos in full size inside the Chats, so that users can look at the pictures more conveniently;
  • Added a more convenient display of the commission when creating an ad in P2P, so that users can understand in advance how much commission will be withheld;
  • We tested the appearance of KYC errors from the backend for the following flows:  Sell Crypto, Send By Email, Send To Wallet, CryptoLoans, Staking. Displaying UI errors from the Android side is already available, but these errors still need to be fully tested.

Interface Development

  • Updated the text color of the “More than just a CryptoBank” section so that it does not blend into the background;
  • Removed the link to the old referral program from the footer, before the release of the new referral program;
  • Wrote instructions for 2FA notifications security measures.

CryptoBank Development

  • Completed the integration of the server configuration with the Crowdin service and uploaded there all the types of errors - so that they are displayed to the user in their native language;
  • Added the ability to transfer the maximum amount in “one click” into Staking;
  • Improved the mechanism of transferring funds via an email to an unregistered user;
  • Added 2FA verification to Invoices and Gift Cards, which will significantly increase the security.

Exchange Development

  • Added 5 videos to Crypto School so that users can learn how to work with our new products;
  • Improved the work of scaling prices on the Exchange, now the scale will correspond to the price of the currency;
  • Updated the minimum values ​​of orders on the Exchange - so now users can place Ethereum orders, which are 20 times less in value.

Launchboard Development

  • In the voting flow - added the display of the percentage and number of votes on the project card, slightly updated the layout of the project card as a whole, making the display more pleasing to the eye;
  • Improved the ‘Apply for Listing’ and ‘Apply for Launchboard’ modules, improving the display and replacing the remaining fields with the 3.0 design version.

P2P Development

  • Opened up the product - to make it possible to view the page with ads as an unregistered user, so that he can immediately see the offers on the marketplace;
  • Improved the logic of the Contract Chat by adding a few additional internal parameters. Now the chat will work more correctly.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Improved the ‘user rights validation’ logic - now they work better within the new admin panel.

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