Dear PointPay family,

We are now developing our P2P platform for mobile apps. We have tested the Buy and Sell flow for our iOS app to fix all possible bugs. We've begun developing a new HR Talent Platform admin panel. It will have more functionality than the current one. Check out today's Tuesday Update for details on our latest progress!

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Improved display of the reason list in the Dispute flow in P2P;
  • Implemented Rest requests for Chat in P2P;
  • Added the ability to not display the payment method in the flow of creating My Ads in P2P;
  • Tested the Buy and Sell flows in P2P again to find all possible bugs in order to fix them.

For Android mobile application

  • Changed the color on the Profile Feedback screen in P2P to gray if the user has not received any feedback yet;
  • Increased call delay while entering the amount on the Partial Repayment screen in CryptoLoans.


  • the ability to leave a comment on the successful screen in P2P;
  • navigating from the KYC error to the Profile screen.

Interface Development

  • Debugged the program part of receiving events for the Referral Program and fixed errors on obtaining the PXP level;
  • Improved receipt of letters after completing certain actions;
  • Conducted research on refreshing the token to improve the user experience.

CryptoBank Development

  • Implemented the display of the user's balance in the Wallet header as part of the transition to the CryptoBank interface;
  • Improved the code quality up to level 6 based on the static analyzer.

Exchange Development

  • Made several minor improvements to the Exchange UX.


  • the work of the balance service to increase the speed of the Exchange operation;
  • the operation of the Market Data service to improve order book operation.

P2P Development


  • optional fields in payment methods;
  • several fields for editing the payment method.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Completed the decomposition of the role system in the new admin panel;
  • Started work on a new admin panel, which will have extended functionality compared to the current one.

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