Thursday's update with the latest changes is ready for your review! Read about the automatic White Label for new users as well as the improved display of user levels inside profiles. We've also implemented a new Trading API to the Open orders list.

Check out the full update for more details below!


  • Developed an emergency mechanism to turn off automatic withdrawals;
  • Released the White Label for new users to assign it automatically.


  • Changed the response format when receiving user invoices from Circle;
  • Completed work on the Transaction History widget with and without data as part of the Dashboard creation.


  • Conducted an audit of internal monitoring and updated the charts that show the effectiveness of exchange processes;
  • Integrated the Open orders list with the new Trading API to improve list performance in the Exchange Terminal and Order History.

Mobile Apps



  • username and character count for first name, last name, username so that users now can change them at KYC-0/KYC-1/KYC-2;
  • the Accounts tab for the Sign In Without Registration flow so user understands what can accessed.


  • the maximum available number for sending in Between Accounts flow;
  • the display of the email and password entry screen for the unauthenticated user.


  • Displayed a countdown of Voting completion in days, hours and minutes in the PXP Voting flow;
  • Improved the UI layout on the KYC limits screen;
  • Added local currency handling on Select Crypto screens as part of a technical task.


  • the Accounts tab for the Sign In Without Registration flow so user understands what can accessed;
  • the Payments tab for Sign-in Without Registration flow so user understands what can accessed.


  • Added "over that air" translations for Front-End to improve internal processes.


  • display of user levels inside profile by adding remaining amount to next level and PXP purchase button;
  • the Buy PXP button display in the menu to match the layout.


  • the link for the Trust Pilot on the Home page;
  • the menu by adding actual CryptoBank products to the CryptoBank and Ecosystem menu sections.

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