Thursday's update is ready to surprise you with new improvements in the PointPay ecosystem! Among the most interesting that you can find today: new, more convenient CryptoBank menu, as well as the introduction of the interface for Voting Battles.

Read about other changes in our Thursday Update below!


  • Improved the outputs status check. This will allow us to display output statuses correctly;
  • Prepared a status reconciliation command to identify the current statuses of withdrawals. This will allow us to make adjustments to user balances.


  • Changed the logic of Authorization service calls, which reduced the number of requests;
  • Wrote business and technical documentation on Buy Sell service to build new architecture.


  • work on the Go-application within Circle Wire, which will allow us to use requisite payments when buying/selling USDC;
  • integration of CryptoBank with the operations module, which allows you to open blocks with actions on products in the window.

Mobile Apps



  • the display of the project with complete information in Launchpad flow so that users could see project information according to the layout;
  • Face ID functionality in the app so that biometrics worked consistently;
  • the viewing of information in project cards in the Launchpad flow so that all detailed information is displayed on the card.


  • Made a verification for username input, and the number of characters for the first, last, and usernames in the Edit Profile flow;


  • display of eye icon (hide balance);
  • the functionality of PXP Voting flow in Launchpad.

Both platforms

  • Made changes to the Dashboard tab in the Sign In Without Registration flow so users can see which flows they can open without registration and which they can't.


  • Investigated why a user might have multiple active sessions for the same device in the app and reported it to the relevant team;
  • Updated the CryptoBank menu in the header to display all current products.


  • integration with Crowdin on the backend so that front-end lines are not picked up;
  • the Referral Program reward percentage parameter to include not only 20% but also 40% depending on the PXP balance.


  • Implemented file uploads in the Admin Panel via queues, so that files are uploaded to projects faster;
  • Added Voting Battle interface. Now, when two projects are in battle, there will be a card with both projects in the list;
  • Improved the display of the empty projects list in Voting. Added an icon to cover the empty space.

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