Read all the latest news of PointPay in Thursday's update! This time we've made several technical changes to various services. We also added an event to pay a reward for voting. In addition, we did a full feature test of the new Launchpad version before the release.

The details can be found in the full version of the update below!



  • testing and prepared a resilient integration with BitGo on processing requests for output exceeding the limits;
  • testing the modification to hide user wallet top-up transactions to pay commission to fundraisers for Hot wallets.


  • Improved the performance of the daily Savings account accrual report;
  • Made the output of the minimum amount of charges on Savings accounts in the tooltip;
  • Completed redesign of Payment System version 3, which will bring the product into the ecosystem style.


  • the maximum rate of Staking in the banner to keep the information relevant;
  • check the logic of order status at buying/selling in Сircle in order to avoid freezing transactions;


  • insignificant zeros in fractional numbers in notifications and transaction history;
  • banner suggesting to take a survey about using CryptoLoans.


  • Audited the API documentation and cleaned it up;
  • Finished working out the commission discounts on transaction volumes.

Mobile Apps



  • pair preset buttons to the Exchange flow so that users could filter the right pair by coin;
  • 2FA Email + 2FA GA entry screen in the 2FA flow so that users can enter two codes at the same time if they have both authentication options connected;
  • a display of the accuracy of the amount in the order book so users can choose a convenient precision.


  • Added a display of the amount’s accuracy in the order book so users can choose a convenient precision.


  • the functionality of candlestick sockets on charts in Exchange flow;
  • the display of a notification as part of a token purchase in Launchpad flow if the user doesn't have enough funds.


  • Added message translation when uploading videos over 20MB to Bug Report;
  • Removed “graphql” from front-end products where it is no longer used.


  • automatic versioning for better visibility into the build to improve development;
  • the display of animations on the Home page by adapting it to a dark theme.


  • Added an event when the Voting is completed for paying out awards in PXP;
  • Tested all functionality before releasing the new version.

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