Thursday's update brings new changes and improvements to PointPay. Most of the changes focused the Front-End part such as improving various interfaces. We’ve also accelerated the iOS app and optimized the Exchange within the Order Book and CoinMarketCap API.

You can read more in the full version of the Update below!



  • decomposition of work on seamless integration of payment provider Mercuryo;
  • refactoring of transfer and withdrawal fee calculations to improve performance.


  • Completed development of a new version of Matcher and tested it on the development environment. The release will increase performance;
  • Reduced memory consumption by Order Books, which also increases the speed of the Exchange;
  • Released a new version of the CoinMarketCap API, which is more resource efficient.

Mobile Apps


  • Cleared the application resources from irrelevant icons to speed up the app.


  • a screen with Voting transaction details so the user can see their transaction in Voting;
  • a generic modal window for the Lunchboard to use it in different features.


  • Implemented a Voting records page with information about the user's votes.


  • Added a popup window with an offer to buy cryptocurrencies to the Main page of CryptoBank, instead of a popup window about accounts, to improve user flow logically;
  • Worked and improved the backend to save notifications so that the user has the correct display;
  • Updated the display of KYC levels in settings by removing mothballed products.


  • synchronization of KYC levels from SumSub and us, so that the levels are correctly updated in our system and subsequently for users;
  • the display of the Notifications section in the dark theme so that the text doesn't blend in with the background;


  • a new error message on Authentication with an invalid password, reminding users who didn't find their Global Password Reset email to be notified of the possible reason their password didn't match;
  • environments on the backend to move to native SumSub when going through KYC, which will help avoid many difficulties when sending documents, photos, etc.

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