As part of improving our services today, we are ready to present a number of innovations. They include improving the functions mechanisms and fixing the display of certain interface elements.
All details are available in the Thursday Update!


  • Checked the correctness of payment schedule calculations in CryptoLoans.


  • the display of equivalent in user-selected fiat currency in all services;
  • the warning on PIT deposit about additional commissions.


  • Worked on the CMC API to comply with the final revisions by CoinMarketCap;
  • Improved the mechanism of closing the current candle, so the display is more up-to-date on the chart;
  • Configured Go app metrics export to Prometheus exporter to collect metrics from services and better monitor the Exchange.

Mobile Apps


  • Conducted a re-survey on how to automate Crowdin so that all translations are pulled up automatically;
  • Implemented Launchboard epic design which the team will start soon;
  • Tested the build of the 7.8.1 app, which is ready to be sent to the production environment. Expect the new PIT token to be added at production.


  • Improved the functionality of the Edit Profile flow so that users with KYS-0 can change their data;
  • Added Deposit, Transfer, Withdraw, and More action buttons in the new Accounts tab so users can navigate to different flow Inputs and Outputs;
  • Implemented Launchboard epic design, which the team will be working on soon.


  • Implemented the UI Kit building as a separate package before further distribution to product teams to improve the development process on the frontend side;
  • Prepared the layout for mapping KYB's 3 levels of settings to be implemented in the future;
  • Investigated data transfer from Authorization to Unified Balances, regarding logs per day, to further address asynchrony;
  • Added B2B flag on backend to recognize business accounts.

HR Talent

  • Implemented mechanism to automatically delete screenshots after 2 weeks of payout in hourly contracts;
  • Added mouse and keyboard click count fields for hourly contracts with tracker.


  • Added a new payment method data entry window for the administrator in the payment method management interface on P2P;
  • Improved the transfer service by adding auto-delete of irrelevant transfers.

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