Fresh updates, fixes and improvements to PointPay services. Among other things, we prepared for the addition of a new cryptocurrency PitBull, but its fate is in your hands. Voting about PitBull Listing is going on at our Launchboard.

Withdrawals + Payment System

  • We have completed the report on checking user balances and finding the original transaction hash. This allows us to check the legitimacy of withdrawals;
  • Performed a reconciliation with the payment provider Mercuryo. It allowed us to correct the status of Buy Crypto and users got balance funds.


  • Adjusted CryptoBank environment, which allows us to test each enhancement separately, even before the test server;
  • The KYC limit modal window was upgraded, which will allow correct switch to limit check.


  • Finished working on new Order history and transaction pages for Exchange, now it will be much more convenient to use;
  • Implemented an authentication mechanism for Kafka via AWS, which will unlock access to the data manager for other teams.

Mobile Apps


  • Improved the display of back buttons in iOS 16 so that the user is not shown duplicate back buttons;
  • Hide the Escrow icon from the Services section since the Escrow site is not yet adaptive. As soon as adaptive is implemented on Escrow we will return the icon;
  • Improved display of snackbar pop-ups on newer versions of iPhone that feature Dynamic Island since previously users may have experienced the snackbar overlapping Dynamic Island;
  • Improved the UI display of the Dashboard home screen in iOS 16 since users would see a large indent from the iPhone upper border to User ID. Now this indentation is gone.


  • Finished a password reset and sent a newsletter about it to improve user security;
  • Improved the mechanism for receiving payouts and tally stats for the Referral Program, so that users can use it seamlessly;
  • Improved the Authentication process, Bug Report submission and autologue popup during regression testing, so users have a stable UX.

HR Talent

  • Implemented different states for displaying invites in messenger so that Talent and Customers could see the state of the invite (accepted, declined, pending action);
  • Decomposition of tasks by hourly contracts.


  • Made an endpoint to get the project token count so that the customer can see how many tokens they have on their balance.


  • Improved display of the deal volume in the contract window to make rounding work correctly, so that small amounts like 0.00001 are now shown as 0.

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