Dear PointPay family,

A new day - new improvements! This time, in addition to general improvements, we made a number of optimizations in the work with the data, which accelerated the work of the application!
Details, as always, you can find in our Thursday Update.

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Improved versioning of Handpoint, which is responsible for Sell Crypto, from v2 to v1, so that Handpoint would work and users could withdraw funds as soon as Payments is improved, which is why it is impossible to withdraw cryptocurrency now;
  • Improved the display of nickname and timezone in Profile Flow in P2P, so that users can see their previously introduced nickname and timezone, since they were not displayed before;
  • Improved the display of incorrect KYC level in P2P Profile flow, so that users could see the correct KYC level and then be redirected to a higher KYC;
  • Improved the UI display of conditions for KYC-0 for Exchange, Wallet, Crypto School flow because previously in KYC-0 conditions these flows were banned, but in fact these flows are open even for users with KYC-0 level;
  • Improved the work with sockets in the Chat in P2P in order to complete the technical implementation of P2P;
  • Completed testing of the new KYC conditions to ensure that users see the limits on all flows.

For Android mobile application

  • Allowed to enter only certain characters in the flow Nickname in P2P. Now you can only write English letters, numbers, and special characters ("-" / "_") so that users can only enter these characters, letters, and numbers;
  • Added icons for cryptocurrencies in the My Ads flow in P2P, so that users can distinguish cryptocurrencies by icons, among other things;
  • While deleting a payment method in P2P, added closing the modal window after a tap on "Delete", displaying "Delete Payment Method" as inactive, and a loader on the "Save" button, so that the wait on request from the backend is not shown to the users;
  • Made the "Save" button active when editing a P2P payment method if all of the fields are optional, so that it does not interfere with the creation of the payee method;
  • Converted Buy/Sell types to P2P depending on whether or not the user is a Buyer, to prepare technically for completion for the buy/sell flow on the part of the listing author;
  • Completed Android-side UI mapping testing so that users could see a KYC level mismatch handled with the design when it was missing, rather than just a code error from the backend;
  • Conducted a release of version 6.4.9 in the Play Market, where we added new KYC conditions and display of incorrect KYC levels.

CryptoBank Development

  • Implemented the sorting of terms on the CryptoLoan execution page on the server side to avoid sorting on each client separately, which will speed up the work;
  • Conducted an audit of the Invoice after opening it on the test server. Carried out a number of adjustments required due to changes during the closing period;
  • Changed the logic for calculating the Withdrawal fees. If a user enters an address which belongs to another PointPay user, the transfer will be commission-free.

Exchange Development

  • Improved the Order History as part of stop-limit orders;
  • Improved the performance of data sent to the frontend, the speed of the Exchange has increased;
  • Completed preparations for two new Immediate or Cancel and Fill or Kill orders to allow users to trade more efficiently on the Exchange.

Launchboard Development

  • Tested incorrect KYC levels and Unified Balances service to display them correctly;
  • Made internal redesign of API for adding projects to Listings and Lunchboard. Now everything works correctly.

P2P Development

  • Opened P2P page for unregistered users (not yet in release);
  • Improved websockets, so that timer and contract status changes are always shown correctly;
  • Added validation of user nickname, leaving only Latin letters and numbers.

Escrow Platform Development

  • We changed the implementation of user rights. Now the rights will be located not in the Escrow project, but in the common admin panel.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Implemented the first version of the tracker application with a login to the PointPay account.


  • Upgraded Angular to version 14 for Authentication service, Referral Program, Exchange, HR Talent, Escrow, CryptoBank, Payment System, P2P,, UI Kit projects to improve development process and enable developers to use new framework features;
  • Optimized the endpoint API for the notification list so that this data is shown to the user faster when the page loads.

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