We are excited to announce the release of the PointPay TestNet - the test version of our upcoming PXP blockchain! Anyone interested can now explore how our solution will look and function. Moreover, you can try out the functionality of transactions, smart contracts, applications, and everything that will be presented on the MainNet!

What is a TestNet?

A TestNet is a term that denotes a specific blockchain network specification. When a developer wants to update their solution (the blockchain network), they need to test their developments and ensure everything is working correctly. This is where the TestNet comes in. Here, they can test the entire functionality and allow developers to verify that their solutions can work correctly even with the release of an update. Once all checks are passed, the update is then released to the main, real network - the MainNet. This is where the actual assets, transaction data, and everything important are stored and maintained.

About the PointPay TestNet

Our blockchain is a fork (a branch) of the Ethereum blockchain. This means we support the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), and application and contract development is done in Solidity and other supported programming languages! If you're a developer with an existing solution on the Ethereum blockchain, you'll be able to quickly port it to TestNet for functionality testing. Additionally, any asset or smart contract working on Ethereum can be ported without significant changes.

However, a crucial feature of our solution is the native token for paying transactions gas fees. Of course, this will be the PXP token! Our token already has a significant user base. Along with becoming the native token, PXP will gain even greater utility, popularity, stability, and value!

PointPay TestNet Specifications and Objectives

The TestNet release is an important step in the development of the MainNet. By providing developers and users the ability to test the current version of the network, we can receive the necessary feedback on readiness for the next steps.

The launch of the TestNet pursues the following objectives:

  • Verify the network's operability
  • Ensure the correct functioning of the functionality
  • Conduct load testing
  • Ensure the solution's readiness and alignment with our expectations

Testing will continue until we gather all the necessary information. If any issues are discovered, we will release the necessary updates!

How Can I Participate in or Observe the Testing?

First and foremost, you should visit our PXP TestNet website. There, you'll be able to find a blockchain explorer, transaction history, statistics, and useful information.

If you're a developer and want to participate in the testing, you should take a look at the Contract Deployment page in our White Paper. Here, you'll find instructions on how to deploy your contracts on the network. Additionally, the main website provides APIs for connecting and making requests. If you've already worked with Ethereum-like blockchains, these tools will be familiar to you.

The Future of the PXP Blockchain

The testing phase is an important step for both us and the developers. However, we'll soon be ready to move forward. Along with the MainNet release, PointPay will have its own blockchain with the native PXP token.

The PXP blockchain will become an important addition to the existing ecosystem and will significantly strengthen the PXP token. Our ecosystem, which already includes most of the cryptocurrency functionality needed by users, will be able to reach unprecedented heights with new DeFi applications and assets! While the PXP token will increase its value and utility!

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