PointPay is a fast-growing company. We already have more than 130 employees and more than 200 thousand active customers use our services every month. As a blockchain bank, PointPay offers you the opportunity to earn interest on your assets by investing them in a crypto bank account.

Our goal was to enable users to earn passive income from their assets. This is especially true for unbanked users worldwide. Like any company that is growing rapidly, we need to adjust the course of our business to remain profitable. All major companies, such as Binance or Coinbase, have gone through this phase and have been forced to lower APY on user earnings as they developed and expanded their business. Because PointPay has grown so much, we have to adjust our interest rates on checking and savings accounts to remain profitable. We still offer some of the most competitive interest rates among traditional and crypto banks globally.

As of February 8, the yield on checking accounts will be removed entirely, while the APR on savings accounts will be reduced. Please refer to the table below for the new interest rates.

New PointPay rates on Savings accounts

The savings account is suitable for holding funds. However, you can only make three withdrawals of cryptocurrency per month. If your withdrawals exceed this number, the interest will be reduced.

Stablecoins offer you a higher percentage return than other cryptocurrencies. So, USDC or USDT are great options for investing during the bear market. Despite the lower return of Bitcoin and Altcoins, you can earn more due to the rising exchange rate. Remember that you can reduce your risks by diversifying your portfolio.

There are no restrictions on the amount of time you have to hold your balance to earn rewards, no hidden rules, or confusing multiple APY tiers. It is very easy to earn interest on your assets with PointPay. Just deposit crypto into your savings account and start earning rewards!

We believe that crypto banking will improve the global financial system due to its decentralized nature. We are committed to providing the best service to our customers. That is why we have developed a simple and transparent system that allows you to earn interest on your assets with just a few clicks.What’s more?

Join us for the next PointPay text-only AMA session on Telegram next Thursday, February 17 at 12:00 UTC. We are excited to share insights on the development of the PointPay platform and get valuable feedback from our users.

Our community frequently asks about the future goals of the PointPay platform and the launch of new projects. The Launchboard platform is of particular interest to our PointPay family, so we would like to provide insight into our development efforts to launch our new ecosystem product. Vladimir will also share the details on the complex release of a new version of the PointPay exchange on Golang.

So keep an eye on the main chat on Telegram! Please submit your questions for the upcoming AMA session on Telegram with the hashtag #askpxpceo by February 16, 2022.

See you next Thursday!

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🏦 Remember, we are PointPay, and we are beyond banking!