Dear PointPay family!

This quarter has been a period of economic turmoil and volatility. The euro dropped against the dollar and has yet to recover, and cryptocurrency prices have fluctuated wildly amid investor uncertainty about digital assets. PointPay navigated the market turbulence by staying true to its vision of providing universally accessible crypto banking services.

Key highlights of Q3 2022

We have been working hard on broadening our product range over the past three months, launching new solutions such as the P2P platform. Besides the website version, we have also implemented the main P2P tab in our mobile apps. We released a minimum viable product of the Escrow and HR Talent Platforms at the end of Q2. This quarter, we have focused on building fully working versions of both platforms.

Furthermore, we have released a new personal account design to improve our user experience. To reward our loyal customers, we have also implemented a discount on fees for PXP token holders. Now, users can reduce their fees by up to 35% when using the Classic and Advanced versions of our exchanges.

In Q3 2022, CryptoBank was completely redesigned. The main breakthrough of the new design is the execution of actions in modal windows. Users can now perform many tasks while staying on the Accounts Summary page. This shortens paths and opens up opportunities for tighter integration between different PointPay projects.

Our strategic goals for Q4 2022

We aim to make significant progress on our goals for the last three months of 2022:

  • Our first priority is to develop a complete set of crypto solutions for our users worldwide. This will require us to finish the existing solutions to provide a best-in-class experience for our customers.
  • Next, we intend to introduce margin, futures, and options trading, creating a new way for our users to diversify their investment portfolios.
  • We aim to introduce a seamless payment method in the fourth quarter of 2022. This will streamline the user experience by reducing the number of clicks during the buy/sell flow.
  • By adding the recurring payment feature to our ecosystem, we will enable our users to regularly receive payments from their customers.
  • We plan to launch various incentive campaigns, including trading competitions, trading levels, and lifetime achievement awards. We believe these incentives will contribute to the growth of our user base.

We will continue to find new ways to engage our users—including token burns and listings of the PXP native token on more exchanges.

Be sure to download our Q3 2022 Report to read about the exciting things we accomplished this quarter and our goals for the rest of the year. There are three months of this year ahead - we have big plans, so let's see what we can accomplish before year's end!

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