This quarter has seen a lot of economic uncertainty and volatility. The euro dropped against the dollar and has yet to recover; meanwhile, cryptocurrency prices have fluctuated wildly amid uncertainty among investors about digital assets.

We value our investors, and we’re sure that transparency is crucial in these uncertain times. That’s why we’ve recently released the PointPay Q3 2022 report. NewsBTC was the first media outlet to share our report with a broader audience.

We wanted to share with our investors and clients what we have accomplished thus far in Q3 2022:

  • We have been expanding our product range over the past three months, launching new solutions such as the P2P platform. At the end of Q2, we released a minimum viable product for our Escrow and HR Talent Platforms; this quarter, these platforms became fully functional.
  • We have released a new personal account design to improve user experience. In addition, we are offering reduced fees for PXP token holders. Now users can reduce their fees by up to 35% when using the Classic and Advanced versions of our exchanges.
  • In Q3 2022, CryptoBank interface was redesigned. The new design introduces modal windows that reduce the number of clicks required to complete a task.

"By expanding our product portfolio and enhancing our existing services, we intend to become the industry leader with the broadest range of cryptocurrency products in one place." - shared PointPay CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev with NewsBTC.

You can read more about our accomplishments and plans for the future in this article from NewsBTC.

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