Dear PointPay Family,

Miracles happen during the holiday season, and PointPay is never tired of delighting users with good news. Today, we are proud to announce a new milestone — the PXP token is listed on the WhiteBIT exchange.

WhiteBIT is a centralized European cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018. It is among the top-40 CEXs by daily trading volume and serves more than one million users in 190 countries. CEX was established by an international team with extensive experience in finance and blockchain technology.

On December 28, 2021, WhiteBIT will open the $PXP market for trading.

Why WhiteBIT?

WhiteBIT is a large trading platform with a $752.6 million daily trading volume as of Dec 24, 2021. The exchange aims to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology and expand the crypto community by providing a secure and easy-to-use trading platform. Just like WhiteBIT we share the approach to providing traders with the lowest trading and withdrawal commissions.

How is that going to help us?

We have a large community of overseas users who support us. And WhiteBIT helps us gain the attention of the global market, especially in Europe, Asia, and CIS countries. We know that many of our users trade on WhiteBIT. We want to offer you the variability of different exchanges so that you can choose a trading platform that suits your needs. For this reason, we have listed our native PXP token on four exchanges: Bitglobal, Bitrue, Bittrex Global, and WhiteBIT.

What is WhiteBIT?

Let’s go through the advantages of trading on WhiteBIT:

Secure storage and insurance

The exchange stores 96% of digital assets in cold wallets and only 4% in hot wallets to diversify risks. Moreover, assets held in cold wallets are protected by multi-signature access. A Web Application Firewall, or WAF, detects and blocks hacker attacks. In addition, the Company uses two-factor authentication and anti-phishing software to protect user accounts.

WhiteBIT protects users’ assets through an insurance fund funded by transaction fees. The WhiteBIT fund currently insures assets held in WhiteBIT Cold Wallets with coverage of $30 million.

Fiat gateway and competitive fees

WhiteBIT users can trade with one of the lowest trading fees (maximum 0.1%) in the industry for any deposit size. Furthermore, you can easily deposit or withdraw funds using Visa & Mastercard, AdvCash, Perfect Money, Yandex, Qiwi, and others.

Wide range of trading instruments

WhiteBIT users can choose from more than 400 trading pairs. The exchange offers its users Private and Public APIs that allow you to move assets between their main and trading accounts and place or cancel their orders. You can customize the functionality to your needs.

The exchange also allows trade at a margin of up to X5. This way, you can access large amounts of capital and leverage your positions, as well as diversify your portfolio. The support of stop limits and market stop orders allows you to control your risks.

Various trading interfaces

CEX strives to provide a user-friendly interface, regardless of trading experience. WhiteBIT offers Basic, Pro, and Margin trading interfaces that allow users with different trading experiences to grow their wealth.

WhiteBIT also offers P2P and DEX terminals:

  • WhiteSwap is a decentralized automated market-making (AMM) exchange (DEX) built on the Ethereum blockchain. WhiteSwap is a user-owned exchange where any decision is taken through a community vote. It includes several features that allow you to trade tokens, add liquidity, and more. No centralized entity has administrative rights to the protocol.
  • Bitcoin Global P2P allows you to instantly transfer BTC and USDT (ERC20 and TRC20) to other users via WhiteBIT codes. Users in more than 160 countries can buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly to each other. You do not need to undergo any KYC checks to use the P2P platform.

The ecosystem of different solutions

WhiteBIT also offers its customers additional products that can be useful for maximizing returns:

Smart Staking

WhiteBIT allows you to earn up to 28% APR on your digital holdings with a Smart Staking solution.

Crypto Lending

You can lend your funds to other users for liquidity in margin trading. This way, you can use free funds to earn passive income. The platform makes your capital available to users who can trade on WhiteBIT with x5 leverage. In return, you can earn up to 26% per year for BTC, 26% for ETH, and 30% per year for USDT. You will receive a fixed profit at the end of the specified period. WhiteBIT guarantees the fulfillment of all conditions.

Referral Program

You can generate extra rewards by inviting your friends to trade with your referral link. With WhiteBIT’s referral program, you will receive 40% of each trade commission. The main advantage is that you can invite an unlimited number of referrers, and they can trade any amount, while your bonus from their trading commission remains the same (40%).

We would like to thank everyone who supported us and our project in the past year! In 2022, we will surely delight you with the launch of new products, improvement of existing solutions, and development of the token ecosystem. We will continue to work hard for our token holders and customers. So stay tuned for the latest updates!

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