We are actively working on the expansion of our partners' network so that you can always enjoy excellent service. We are proud to announce that PointPay has partnered with Sumsub - an all-in-one suite for identity verification, fraud prevention, and KYC/AML compliance.

Sumsub is an online identity verification service that streamlines the verification process by providing global coverage, including emerging and unbanked jurisdictions within South Asia, CIS, LATAM, and Africa. The platform is trusted by 1000+ businesses, such as Binance, BlaBlaCar, and others.

Sumsub partnership means we can face any compliance challenges:

  • Keep our business compliant with local and global AML, CFT, and data protection rules;
  • Protect our customers against the most sophisticated types of fraud without sacrificing user experience;
  • Take our users' journey to the next level with a smooth onboarding flow that combines multilingual support, hints, and automated data extraction.
  • Skip the hassle of repeat KYC checks by using the Reusable KYC solution.

The partnership between PointPay and Sumsub will allow us to provide our clients with an easy way of verifying their identity documents online. The entire process is fast, secure, and convenient for our users as they can simply log into their online accounts and upload their documents within minutes.

Please visit the partner website for further details.

Stay tuned for more updates!