Throughout history, artists have been at the forefront of change pioneering cultural, political, and economic change. The introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFT) into society is no different. While the term itself can be associated with a specific type of asset (crypto art), non-fungible tokens are a technological element associated with any type of media. Linking it to a blockchain and making it permanent, unique, and easily traceable.

Blockchain technology makes it possible to track ownership of an artwork over time, and depending on which platform you sell it on, you can earn from its appreciation in the market. The interaction between artists and their audiences is fundamentally changing as NFTs provide a new way to own and control their digital art.

PointPay is committed to providing its customers with the widest selection of crypto products. That's why we're very excited to partner with NFTsky, an innovative platform for NFTs!

What is NFTsky?

NFTsky is a platform for trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs). All kinds of digital work from art to collectibles. It can be bought, sold, or exchanged here.
Thanks to blockchain technology you can buy and sell tokens, becoming their unconditional owner. This does not mean the object you buy cannot be viewed or used by other users of the network. What it means is that the information such as the owner, creator, cost and etc. will be recorded in the blockchain forever.
The main and undeniably positive fact about NFT marketplaces is equal conditions for all users and freedom from restrictions. No one will be able to fake or challenge your right to own the selected object.

What are the benefits of NFTsky among other platforms?

  • Non-custodial platform

NFTsky is a non-custodial trading platform, meaning no single entity has control of the digital assets transacted on the platform. Instead, self-executing smart contracts guarantee fair trade. This means that NFTsky does not need custody of your collectibles as it acts as an intermediary for your trades. Instead, your collectibles are stored in the cryptocurrency wallet connected to the marketplace.

  • Complete anonymity

NFTsky doesn't require you to create an account to sell or buy non-fungible tokens. You just need to connect your crypto wallet and you can start selling or buying NFTs.

  • Different types of NFTs

In recent years, online marketplaces have emerged focus on a single category of products and services. NFTsky is a one-stop-shop for all your NFT needs. NFTsky allows users to purchase NFTs that feature art, assets used in virtual worlds, sports trading cards, game items, utility tokens, and even domain names. Art NFTs are currently the most popular type of non-fungible tokens. These images, gifs, or videos are digitized on the blockchain.

  • Smooth user journey

Once you've connected your wallet, you're ready to go! You can use the Metamask wallet at this point. Soon, we will add the Coinbase wallet as well. Moreover, we will implement Wallet Connect, an open-source protocol that provides easy access to decentralized applications through mobile wallets by scanning QR codes or deep links. You will be able to connect your favorite cryptocurrency wallet to our platform. You can see the full list of wallets integrated with Wallet Connect here.

  • Low fees

Many other NFT trading platforms charge up to 15% on each transaction. With the 2.5% transaction fee, NFTsky can provide users with much better and cheaper services.

  • Paid advertisement available

With paid advertisement integrated on the platform, NFTsky makes it easier for artists to advertise their NFT collections. In this way, our users can find buyers for their digital work more easily.

  • The new version of smart contracts

The NFTsky platform is written on a newer version of the smart contracts used by competitors. This allows the project to have increased security while at the same time allowing it to operate faster.

What’s next?

We're delighted to have the NFT marketplace as our partner. We believe PointPay in partnership with NFTsky has the potential to achieve a great deal of synergy. As part of this collaboration, the company icon will appear on the PointPay website and in mobile applications. Clicking on the partner's link will automatically redirect you to the NFTsky website.

NFTs will forever change the way people share ideas and art. With the ability to verify authenticity, creators can now have full control over their digital expressions in a secure environment. In this digital age, NFTs allow creators to capture and share their digital expressions on their own terms. The walls between creators and buyers are crumbling in light of the limitless possibilities offered by the blockchain.

The NFT space is just gaining momentum. And today is the best time to start working with a new asset class. Great prospects open up for those who want to become a part of this field or just collect NFTs as a hobby. As it develops, this area covers more and more participants. The time to get involved in the NFT economy is now!