PointPay recently participated in two large-scale Web3 events that took place in Hong Kong in March and April 2023. Despite the difficulties in organizing such events, these gatherings brought together thousands of people and hundreds of unique projects under one roof, making them an important and rare opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and businesses from around the world.

Igor Glavatskiy, Head of Business Development at PointPay, with his team represented the company at all of the events and shared his impressions and insights. He also provided some photos that showcase the atmosphere and scale of these global events.

WOW Summit

WOW Summit 2023 was a truly global event that has been held for many years and attracts companies, enthusiasts, and investors from around the world. With over 5,000 attendees over two days, participants were able to discuss the latest trends, establish new contacts and partnerships, and listen to speeches from influential figures in the Web3 industry.

WOW Summit welcome booth

The conference covered several important topics such as Web3 development and infrastructure, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), security in the digital environment, blockchain, and metaverse, and digital ID. The event took place on March 29-30 at the Big Asia Expo in Hong Kong, making it the first major event in the city after COVID-19.

In addition to the traditional conference hall, business expo, and startup pitches, there were also many other exciting activities for attendees. The NFT exhibition was a highlight, showcasing hundreds of unique NFTs created by talented artists. Networking events provided an informal setting for participants to make new connections, while side events hosted by prominent WOW Summit attendees opened up even more opportunities for interaction.

The PointPay team was among the attendees, and they made several interesting contacts and connections at the conference and various afterparties.

Photo from the afterparty

Video from the afterparty

Web3.0 Hackathon

The second event attended by the PointPay team was the Web3.0 Hackathon, which also took place in Hong Kong, from April 7th to 9th at the University of Hong Kong. The main theme of this event was "Into the Socialverse." Many teams and enthusiasts participated in the event to listen to presentations, showcase their solutions and projects, as well as compete for a substantial prize of approximately $65,000 (500,000 HKD) offered by the organizers.

PointPay was particularly interested in the third and final day of the event, during which the best projects were presented. The team had a productive and enjoyable day, gathering a wealth of interesting information and making several promising contacts.

Photo from one of the presentations

Web3 Festival

The Web3 Festival was the third major event held in Hong Kong during the spring. This event took place from April 12-15 and opened its doors to more than 10,000 attendees, 300 speakers, and hundreds of interesting projects.

Web3 Festival welcome booth

The main theme of the event was the development and expansion of the Web3 ecosystem, as well as:

  • In-depth sessions and workshops were held with key industry influencers,
  • interactions with prominent Web3 projects,
  • connections with leading VCs,
  • insights from regulatory representatives on the latest virtual asset developments and policies.

Particular attention was given to the future of Web3 and how to accelerate the spread and adoption of Web3 technologies in various industries, as well as the ecosystems of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

One of the visited by PointPay sub-stages on the event

The entire event took place on five center stages and covered an area of 9,000 square meters, including a conference hall and more than 100 presented projects. In addition to the main program, which included speeches and presentations by major investors, developers, and sponsors of the event, several side events were announced that delved into various Web3-related topics.

Despite the long duration of the event, an afterparty was also organized, which the PointPay team attended. Among hundreds of meetings and encounters with various company representatives, PointPay managed to establish a number of interesting and useful contacts.

Photo from the afterparty

Video from the afterparty

Bottom Line

China is actively supporting and developing the rapidly expanding field of Web3 technologies within its jurisdiction, which includes blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and more. Thanks to its favorable stance, the country is becoming one of the leading and most interesting locations for Web3 businesses to emerge and thrive, attracting companies, enthusiasts, and investors alike.

Several high-profile events in Hong Kong have confirmed this trend. These were truly massive gatherings, drawing over 20,000 representatives from companies, investors, and developers in total. With the combined efforts of the Web3 sphere, another step has been taken towards a completely different future where Web3 serves as the foundation for finance, logistics, art, self-expression, and the internet.

The PointPay team was delighted to participate once again in such global and noteworthy events. We are pleased to showcase ourselves at such gatherings and make new partners and acquaintances. PointPay will continue to participate in global events, striving to become better every day.

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