Dear PointPay family,

Having up-to-date and fresh information about PointPay is important and even useful! The main sources of updates, announcements, and important information about PointPay are currently social networks (Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and the blog on the website. Wherever possible, we try to validate our accounts through verification and marks to protect you as much as possible from the various scams that fraudsters can use.

That's why the official PointPay and CEO Vladimir Kardapoltsev's personal pages now have verified marks on Twitter! If you see them, you can be sure that these are official channels and you can trust them!

We recommend that you follow the links to the Twitter accounts to stay informed about news and updates. You can also join our Telegram chat where we discuss PointPay, cryptocurrency news, share experiences, and impressions!

Always with you,

PointPay Team

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