Dear PointPay family,

The New Year is knocking on our doors! Less than a week remains before the entire world celebrates the arrival of 2024. It's a time for gifts, delightful vibes, and an exceptional mood.

The anticipation of this grand celebration can linger. To keep you engaged and not counting down every minute until the New Year, we're launching the New Year's USDT Trading Competitions for you!

The rules are simple: trade with any USDT pairs on the PointPay platform. Each of your transactions will contribute to the total trading volume during the competition period. Your task is to showcase a higher volume than other PointPay users! Track your current standings and achievements alongside other participants on the competition screen's leaderboard. You can also confirm your participation there!

Naturally, we've prepared festive rewards! The entire prize pool amounts to $50,000! Moreover, we'll have five prize positions, with rewards distributed as follows:

🥇 $25,000
🥈 $15,000
🥉 $5,000
🎖️ $3,000
🎖️ $2,000

The New Year competitions will be with us from December 26th to January 5th! You can surge ahead even before the festivities begin or, on the contrary, reserve your energy for a triumphant start in the first days of 2024.

We extend our congratulations to you for the upcoming New Year and wish you success in this competition!

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