The highly anticipated PointPay Network testnet has officially launched, offering developers, enthusiasts, and early adopters an exclusive opportunity to explore this groundbreaking layer 1 blockchain. As a fork of Ethereum, PointPay Network boasts the native PXP token and incorporates a robust Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus protocol. Remarkably, it maintains full Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with existing Ethereum-based applications and tools.

The innovative blockchain architecture features full nodes for validating and storing the entire blockchain history, as well as light nodes for effortless network interactions without the need to download the full blockchain. This design strikes an ideal balance between security, decentralization, and user-friendly accessibility.

This stage of testing presents early adopters ability to try transactions! You can get a small amount of PXP in the testnet (via PXP Faucet) to perform transactions, explore possibilities, and much more! To get everything working, make sure you go through the following steps and information:

  1. Configure Your Crypto Wallet:
  1. Acquire PXP Tokens via the Faucet:
  2. Explore the Block Explorer: Gain valuable insights into the PointPay Network by visiting the Block Explorer at
  3. Consult the Knowledge Base: For comprehensive information and guidance, refer to the PointPay Knowledge Base at

Stay tuned for exciting updates and announcements as the PointPay Network continues to push the boundaries of blockchain technology.

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