Dear PointPay family,

We just kicked off the working week, but we've already managed to put in place several features for the HR Talent platform. For instance, we've created a version of our desktop application. We've also added KYC error screens to our mobile app. Check out the latest Monday Update to learn more about our recent progress!

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Improved the display of the commission when creating an ad in P2P;
  • Implemented KYC error screens.


  • the ability to leave a comment on the successful screen and the feedback itself in P2P;
  • icons for tokens in P2P.

For Android mobile application

  • Implemented KYC error screens;
  • Improved the choice of the CryptoLoan period;
  • Fixed incorrect display of the scale of positive/negative feedback in P2P;
  • Added a shimmer to the Feedback screen in Profile in P2P.


  • performance of the application during the use of sockets in the Buy/Sell flow in P2P;
  • performance of Buy/Sell flow in P2P after backend update.

Interface Development

  • Updated Live Roadmap;
  • Improved the work of the message with a link when recovering a password;
  • Added an additional document to the Legal section in the footer (Refund and Return Policy);
  • Analyzed the update of the KYC levels;
  • Set up the correct validation of the KYC for specific users.

CryptoBank Development

  • Brought the choice of the Staking term in line with the design layouts;


  • error handling based on KYC on the frontend;
  • design stage to unify the display of errors to the user.

Exchange Development


  • the work of Quick Exchange in terms of repeated requests;
  • API for the Market Date service for faster Exchange operation.

Withdrawals & Payment System Development

  • Implemented the Scoring service, which allows checking the legitimacy of withdrawal requests (automatic + manual verification);
  • Fixed statuses of Buy Crypto orders.

Launchboard Development

  • Refactored a mechanism through which we are looking for projects for placement.

P2P Development

  • Implemented auto-cancellation of a contract when a deposit failed;
  • Conducted extensive testing of all product features.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Implemented a basic version of a desktop application without design and tracking functionality;
  • Synchronized internal terminology on the backend in order to clean up the project code.

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