Dear PointPay family,

We've had a great start to the week! As part of the redesign of CryptoBank's Home Page, we have finished the Gift Cards section. We have also prepared a Registration age for the upcoming conference. You can find more info on our recent progress in this Monday's update.

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application


  • “Waiting for the Seller's Confirmation” screen in the Buy flow in P2P;
  • “Waiting for the Buyer’s Payment” screen in the Sell flow in P2P;
  • Dispute flow in P2P;
  • Switched to using API with versioning.


  • displaying the commission to the author of the ad in P2P;
  • navigation for the Dispute flow from the Buy and Sell flows in P2P;
  • contract cancellation screen if the buyer has canceled the contract in P2P.

For Android mobile application

  • Switched to using API with versioning;
  • Conducted testing of
  • Profile tabs in P2P;
  • Contracts tabs in P2P.

Interface Development

  • Updated Live Roadmap;
  • Prepared a separate Registration page for the upcoming conference;
  • Changed the order of the Authorization and Registration buttons in the header of the mobile version;
  • Added permission to display the site in an iframe for analytics on the Exchange projects and payments; transferred the task to the Exchange team to complete the process;
  • Applied new design breakpoints for the Home Page, Authorization, CryptoBank, Exchange, and Payout projects.

CryptoBank Development

  • Completed the Gift Cards section as part of the CryptoBank Homepage redesign;
  • Covered the CryptoLoans payment schedule with tests.

Exchange Development

  • Removed LTC/ETH trading pair from the Quick Exchange.


  • liquidity bus tests;
  • search for incorrect accruals.

P2P Development

  • Improved the Disputes process by adding a chat with a moderator;
  • Made improvements to the regular chat under the contract;
  • Added an API to return a list of reasons for Disputes with transfers;
  • Changed the name of the user UUIDs field to user IDs on the backend for the mobile clients to work correctly.

HR Talent Development

  • Implemented architectural improvements for the Landing Page;
  • Improved backend for WebSockets. Using WebSockets will give the user instant status changes/messages/other updates on contracts and contract lists.

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