Dear PointPay family,

The working week has just begun, but we've already managed to implement several features for the HR Talent platform. For instance, we have developed the Pay Seller screen in the Buy flow for the iOS app. We've also completely redesigned the FAQ, Live Roadmap, and the Roadmap pages. You can find more information on our recent progress in the Monday Update below.

Mobile App Development

For iOS mobile application

  • Implemented the Pay Seller screen in the Buy flow in P2P, so that the user can transfer fiat to the seller on this screen;
  • Improved display of contracts in the Contracts tab in P2P.

For Android mobile application


  • filter contracts by amount on the P2P platform;
  • fiat contract filter on the P2P platform;


  • a successful purchase screen in the Buy in P2P flow;
  • an error handler in the Buy flow on the P2P platform.

Interface Development

  • Updated Live Roadmap content;
  • Prepared a script for filling the referral with test data in order to further prepare for the release.

Implemented new design

  • of the FAQ page;
  • of the Live Roadmap page;
  • of the Roadmap page.

CryptoBank Development

  • Installed Google Tag Manager to collect statistics.


  • deduction of commission when creating a gift card;
  • filter operation by the period in transaction history.

Withdrawals & Payment System Development

  • Stabilized the stage environment for Unified Balances and Payment Systems. This allows you to re-do regression testing (address generation, deposits and withdrawals);
  • Unblocked an additional group of users.

P2P Development

  • Covered most of the functionality with autotests;
  • Conducted detailed testing of the product backend.

HR Talent Platform Development

  • Improved settings for displaying BIO talents and clients;
  • Conducted a code audit and detailed functional testing.

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