Monday's update is ready for review! Today we finished refactoring Card Storage for future integration with the first payment provider. In addition, we developed an API to retrieve a user keys list, making the public API more complete.

Read about the other changes in the full update below!



  • refactoring Card Storage before integrating it with the first payment provider;
  • design of improved withdrawal flow;
  • an audit of the payment system flow and decomposed a number of tasks to increase its reliability.


  • Created an API to retrieve a list of user keys;
  • Updated Matcher's logging to collect metrics more efficiently.

Mobile Apps


  • Implemented nickname resizing on Profile screen;
  • Added balance toggle in Regular and Savings tabs.


  • the display of the Stake button in PXP Voting;
  • the display of the My Accounts block in Dashboard;
  • display of stub text translation to the unauthorized user when logging into Regular/Savings accounts;
  • stub display in Sell Crypto flow according to layouts;
  • translations when logging into Regular/Savings accounts.



  • the UI layout on Launchpad screen when there are more than two labels;
  • pin code display in Arabic and Persian;
  • the display of first name + last name on the Dashboard.


  • Changed the processing logic for 2FA cancellation in CF/bank-shared;
  • Updated the Roadmap context by adding actual points;
  • Tuned up Quick Exchange converter.


  • Changed Launchpad subdomain from “launchboard” to “launchpad”.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this update. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Happy trading!

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