Monday's update is ready for review! This time we've released a new version for Android with UI improvements and the possibility to log in to the application without registration. We've also updated the Roadmap in line with the 2022 results and plans for 2023.

Find out more details and other news in the full update below!


  • Reduced the caching time of the last transaction request for mobile devices.


  • Mercuryo Payment Provider interaction logging;
  • a request processing for a list of currencies via partner as part of Buy/Sell Crypto flow changes;
  • commission calculations on Circle Wire;
  • 2 more Savings widget states on the Dashboard.


  • Improved performance of the Exchange test environment as part of service interconnections.

Mobile Apps


  • Displayed the "Top Up" button when the user doesn't have enough funds to open an order on the Exchange;
  • Improved the display of icons in Launchpad flow on the project screen;
  • Added Buy Crypto button on the Crypto sales screen;

Made UI improvements on the app, namely:

  • Displayed $0.00 instead of $0.0 for a zero balance;
  • Removed the "Buy PXP at the best price" widget from the Dashboard;
  • Fixed and Savings text location on the Dashboard;
  • Renamed buttons "Buy Crypto" and" Sell Crypto" to "Buy Crypto by Card" and "Sell Crypto by Card" on the Buy/Sell tab.


  • "Accounts" to "My Accounts" on the Dashboard;
  • Tab name from "Market" to "Markets";
  • "School" to "Crypto School" on the Services tab;
  • The tab name from "Payments" to "Buy/Sell";
  • The location of the eye that hides the balance.


  • Transfer between accounts button on the Dashboard;
  • Action buttons such as "Buy PXP," "Trade," "Buy Crypto by Card," "Sell Crypto by Card," "Stake," and "Send" to the Dashboard.


  • Conducted regression testing of the 6.6.1 version;
  • Released version 6.6.1 in the Play Store, including Sign In Without Registration, UI Improvements, and bug fixes.


  • metrics for Sign In, Sign Up, and Cross on Welcome Screen to build analytics;
  • a display of accuracy in the Order Book of the Exchange.


  • the functionality of push notifications;
  • the display of active Staking on the Dashboard so that when Staking is active, the user sees that card.


  • cryptocurrency/fiat change arrows in the Quick Exchange flow;
  • all zero balances in the app as $0.00.


  • Updated the Roadmap with the results of 2022 and added plans for 2023;
  • Added data to the backend with the user KYC level;
  • Prepared to test the function of saving the chosen user language in the database.

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