Monday's Update is ready to be read! Among the recent changes, you will find a new Matcher version, as well as improvements to the Currency Rate service. In addition, we have completed the Portfolio widget within the Dashboard, which allows us to display the distribution of user balances between accounts.

More details and other changes can be found in the full update below!


  • Improved the currency rate service;
  • Completed the Portfolio widget within the Dashboard, which will allow to show the user the distribution of funds in the portfolio;
  • Removed the XRP tag request when sending funds via email.


  • Released a new Matcher version for better performance of the Exchange.

Mobile Apps


  • Checked the numbers and amounts over 24 hours in the Exchange flow;
  • Changed the icon of the app for New Year's Eve.


  • the Sell Crypto flow by displaying the currency equivalent on the cryptocurrency selection screen;
  • the display of the Resend button when entering the 2FA email code;
  • the Delete Account flow.


  • Changed the icon of the app to the New Year's Eve one;
  • Improved Transfer Between Accounts flow by adding arrows, which give a choice to display the amount in fiat or cryptocurrency.


  • a display of the available balance of a purchasable coin in the Launchpad flow;
  • an option to enter the amount of purchasable currency.


  • Caching some API and translation requests for internal processes improvement;
  • Tested Roadmap regression as a part of admin panel data filling to improve data uploading process, pagination, filtering, and sorting;

Prepared for testing

  • the notification of a successful KYB to keep the user informed;
  • backend functionality related to responding to user deletions regarding the Referral Program.


  • error bar display when registering in German;
  • display of User Levels, adding an indicator of the amount of PXP remaining to the next level and a buy PXP button.

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