Monday's update is ready for your review. Learn about such changes as completing the Event service for the Exchange terminal and releasing a new version of Matcher in Go. In addition, many services received interface improvements.

Find out more details in the full update below!


  • Conducted additional customization of user wallets in BNB currency;
  • Identified all incorrect orders on Buy Crypto through Mercuryo.


  • Implemented the ability to re-open Plaid to change the previously selected bank and/or account when buying cryptocurrency in Circle;
  • Improved currency sorting to make their order more relevant;
  • Described the structure of service interaction as part of the Buy Sell Crypto refactoring.


  • Completed the development of the Event service, which will show the main events for currencies in the Exchange terminal;
  • Released a new version of Matcher on Go; it is now faster and more resilient.

Mobile Apps


  • Tested the entire purchase flow in Launchpad so that this functionality works without errors and conforms to the layout.


  • the functionality of the PXP Voting flow;
  • the display of the Bengali language.


  • Hid the Stake button in the PXP Voting flow if the project is not in the "In Progress" status. Users should only see the Stake button if the project has this label;
  • Added a file size limit of 50MB to avatars in the Edit Profile flow;
  • Uploaded version 6.6.0 of the app to Play Market for review, which included tasks like Launchpad epic implementation and bug fixes.


  • the functionality of the Quick Exchange flow;
  • the functionality of Send By Email flow so that sending cryptocurrency was correct;
  • the functionality of the Send By Email flow to the mail with a "+" sign;
  • the loading of the amount display in the Quick Exchange flow and moved it to the Next button.



  • sending Bug Report by making the send button inactive if the video exceeds limits;
  • the password change flow in the test environment after enabling 2FA, so you can log in with a new password;
  • display of the text for the password requirement;
  • display of the Registration error text.


  • translation of the error text of the required field when filling out the Bug report on the web and mobile versions;
  • a Middleware library to verify user B2B and B2C affiliation.


  • Made it possible to send future emails from Launchpad;
  • Added a link to the Risk and Disclaimer file in the project header.

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