We've prepared Monday's update with fresh ecosystem changes! This time, special attention was paid to the interfaces. One of the most interesting updates is the appearance of the user level icon in the profile. Also, we've improved the charts displayed in the Exchange Flow.

You can read other news in the full version of the update, available here:


  • Conducted an audit of user balances on withdrawal requests;
  • Identified discrepancies between systems; this will allow us to identify errors in the Go Gateway.


  • Added mandatory KYC-1 verification for USDC purchases at Circle and changed the disclaimer to meet partner requirements;
  • Refactored push notifications to improve performance;
  • Removed the handling of a large number of legacy requests.


  • Developed additional Exchange alerting to respond to Exchange issues promptly;
  • Added My Trades functionality to the backend, allowing you to send trades belonging to a certain user to the Terminal.

Mobile Apps


  • Improved the display of projects in the Launchpad tab on the Stage Environment;
  • Improved the picture's display on the Launchpad tab so that the picture looks appropriate for the layout;
  • Created a generic coordinator for Entry Flow without registration as part of a technical task.


  • Created a separate component in MainActivity with a green snackbar so it could be reused for other features later;
  • Handled a new format of icons URL for social networks in large resolutions with {w} {h} {ext} in Launchpad Flow as part of a technical task;
  • Improved the display of charts in the Exchange Flow so that when you open a pair, you can see the candlesticks without scrolling;
  • Made the horizontal price bar synchronous with the candles on the chart;
  • Implemented success/fail flow in the PXP Voting flow inside Launchpad so users can see the success/fail options of Voting;


  • a 2FA email + 2FA GA window so users can enter both codes at the same time;
  • a modal window, if 2FA is not enabled, there will be a screen asking the app to enable it.


  • Configured Google analytics, including hashed user ID, to introduce end-to-end analytics and the ability to track marketing results;
  • Corrected the mobile version for business accounts to make the layout display correctly for the screen resolution;
  • Added a user-level icon to the profile image in the header;


  • the display of notifications by removing large enable buttons;
  • displaying of Apple Pay icon and other icons in the dark theme in the "Buy or Sell" section so they do not blend in.


  • Made translations being added to Crowdin through queues to speed the process up.

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