We've prepared the latest changes and put them together in Monday's Update. It’s time to read about Testing several new features and working on automatic operations. Also, don't miss the pie chart balance sorting and several interface changes.

Read about all of this and other changes in the full update below!


  • Prepared for release verification of local transfers through Scoring to improve the security of funds in the ecosystem.


  • an audit of user deposits sent to old addresses;
  • development of sending notifications of deposits and withdrawals to management. This will allow management to check the movement of funds promptly;
  • development on the “tnx hash” request in 72 hours. This will allow us to expedite audits on user withdrawal requests;
  • development on the treasury tasks of the CryptoBank product. It will allow us to keep financial accounting and control over the product operations;
  • decomposition of tasks on maintaining multiple networks for currencies. It will allow us to start the development of functionality of deposits and withdrawals in different networks for one currency.


  • Implemented a request to get the last used account in the Circle payment provider when buying/selling for automatic substitution to simplify the flow;
  • Completed writing currency query tests to improve CryptoBank's performance;
  • Changed the format of numbers on Savings account accruals to avoid exponentiation.


  • Completed an update of business metrics on the Exchange to improve monitoring efficiency;
  • Prepared test scripts for Matcher to verify performance at the development level.

Mobile Apps


  • Displayed an avatar on the pin entry screen and changed the text below the avatar so that the user could see the avatar that they added in the “Edit Profile” flow;
  • Removed the tab “Apply For Listing” from Launchpad flow as we plan to implement this in the native design;
  • Implemented balance sheet sorting under the pie chart to make it more convenient for users to see the balances in descending order;


  • the functionality of opening the PointPay website in the web view so everything will work correctly;
  • Intercom's operability so that the opening of the window for communication with Customer Support was stable;
  • the functionality of the screen with a list of active orders on the Exchange flow so that users could see the Buy and Sell buttons.


  • Implemented an animation for the Buy/Staking flow button so that users would have an animation when a Buy/Staking case was successful or unsuccessful;
  • Added instructions on how to enable 2FA via Google Authenticator, so users can learn more about how to connect 2FA GA;


  • an avatar on the pin entry screen and change the text below the avatar so that the user sees the avatar that they added to the Edit Profile flow;
  • the "No transaction found" icon in the center of the History Widget so that this icon will be displayed according to the layout.


  • Moved the PP-shell component into a separate project that deploys itself to improve the development process.


  • the layout of popup windows on the web at 768-1024 screen width so that users have the correct display;
  • the 2FA input flow so that the line of code completion through the mail would be in the first place by default and direct the cursor to fill out the first box.


  • Added functionality to add prize places in Voting, for whom we will pay rewards in PXP.

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