Monday's update is up and ready. Among the most interesting changes are the preparation for the release of User Levels,as well as the addition of functionality to buy project tokens and the introduction of Voting history on Launchpad.

More changes can be found in the full version of the Update below!



  • testing KYB Limits (ready for release);
  • fine-tuning of sending internal notifications to businesses on deposits and withdrawals.


  • Wrote documentation on CryptoBank project teams to simplify service support;
  • Finalized plugin for Benthos to send data to Clickhouse as part of statistics service development;
  • Finished moving the Deposit module to a shared library, which will allow using it on other projects.


  • Completed development of the new version of Quick Exchange;
  • Tested the new Matcher at the development level, preparing for the release of a new version to improve performance;
  • Updated the account balance change API to match the new architecture and bring the code to a universal state.

Mobile Apps


  • Cleaned up the code from old classes as a technical task to improve the overall code;
  • Implemented a Stake PXP screen in the Launchpad flow;
  • Displayed a tag in the Receive By Address flow for XRP.


  • Implemented several pairs of sorting filters on the Exchange;
  • Modified the chart change icon in the Exchange flow as it should look according to the design layout;
  • Implemented the Voting history in the Launchpad Flow so that users could see the history of projects where they staked PXP;
  • Implemented all the functionality to buy project tokens in the Launchpad flow.


  • Investigated how KYC works in SumSub and added signature verification to improve overall process security;
  • Prepared User Levels for release;
  • Prepared for release tasks to move to SumSub's native flow when going through KYC.


  • Improved rounding in Total Votes on Voting to make it look nicer to the user;
  • Added filters to the Voting Records page so the user can filter their voting activity.

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