Monday's update is ready! Recent changes include adding more information about PointPay on CoinMarketCap, updates to the FAQ and "About Us," and several interface improvements to better navigate the site for the user.

Read about all the changes in the full Update below!


  • Added comment output to the user when an unregistered email was entered while withdrawing funds;
  • Made the fiat currency equivalent output in the Staking History to better understand the amount deposited.


  • Finished developing a method of outputting information from the Market Data service, which will allow you to get information from CoinMarketCap on the Exchange;
  • Added links to trading pairs as well as missing pairs to CoinMarketCap so that full information about our Exchange is displayed there.

Mobile Apps


  • Improved the display of transaction fees so that this information is always displayed;
  • Implemented displaying project details on Voting at Staking in the Launchpad flow.


  • Improved the display of order book and prices on the Exchange by removing extra zeros;
  • Added a FAQ section for the Launchpad so users can quickly find answers to common questions.


  • Improved post-registration navigation by redirecting the user to the CryptoBank section as a default page;
  • Uploaded a sample of KYB notification processing for general use by other teams;
  • Updated the “About Us” page for partners by updating the company's team composition.

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