Monday's update is ready to go! We made improvements to the website interface, added new CryptoBank features for corporate customers, and submitted app updates for the App Store and Play Market with many changes and fixes.

See what else is new in Monday's Update below!


  • Implemented CryptoBank's B2B direction for use by corporate clients.


  • CryptoLoan limits for older versions of mobile applications;
  • the receipt of funds by unregistered users.


  • Added the grpc endpoint to get stats from Market Date service as part of refactoring metering engine;
  • Successfully tested Trading API in conjunction with Authentication and the Market Data service;
  • Improved control of Candlestick intervals to make candlesticks work faster.

Mobile Apps


  • Improved word translation on the Dashboard in certain languages so that the user sees correctly translated words;
  • Displayed KYC notifications in the Accounts tab so that the user reaches the required KYC-2 level to conduct Outputs transactions;
  • Sent app build 7.8.1 to the App Store for approval with the following changes:
  • Adding Pitbull cryptocurrency (PIT);
  • Changing the text of KYC notifications;
  • Hiding the Escrow icon;
  • Hiding PNL analytics.


  • Improved the display of Pass KYC and KYC Under Review notifications according to the new design so that users can see updated notifications;
  • Implemented Savings tab in new Accounts tab where users can see balances on their cryptocurrencies that they transferred to Savings account;
  • Changed Sell Crypto endpoint from v1 to v2 to make this endpoint work technically.

Sent the app build 6.5.2 to the Play Market for approval with the following changes:

  • Adding Pitbull cryptocurrency (PIT);
  • Changing KYC notification text;
  • Hiding PNL analytics.


  • Updated the Live Roadmap to keep the user up to date with the latest changes on the platform;
  • Set up a test network for SumSub to further install KYB-1 for business accounts, as well as subsequent migration of KYC to SumSub's native flow in order to improve user flow;
  • Added fields for KYB-2/3 on the backend to properly perform implementation in conjunction with the front end;
  • Optimized the lines in the PointPay project in Crowdin.

HR Talent

  • Added Google Analytics to the project to track conversions.


  • Added Google Analytics to the project to track conversions.


  • Improved the ad page layout, refining multiple details to match the design.

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