It's only Monday but we're ready to present you our update! As usual, we have made a number of changes, such as keeping up-to-date roadmap, improved history of transactions and refinement of dark theme.
Read more in our Monday Update!


  • Replaced the library used for calculations to avoid bias in high-precision operations;
  • Implemented a filter reset in the Transaction History so that you can return to the default values without reloading the page;
  • Draw up an email that will notify the user when Staking is complete.


  • Added additional types of limit orders to the transaction history for easy analysis of their trades;
  • Finished the Kafka authentication mechanism so that other teams can connect.

Mobile Apps


  • Created events for the P2P widget to get analytics on user conversions in the P2P flow;
  • Configured the automation of moving tickets in Jira (task tracking tool).


  • UI display of Regular's ownership in the new Accounts tab, where users can see their cryptocurrency balances;
  • a cryptocurrency details section in the Accounts navigation tab. Users in the Regular or Savings tab can go to a specific cryptocurrency and see details.


  • the Dashboard icon in the navbar so that the Dashboard and Accounts icons are not the same;
  • the text in the snackbar when a password change error occurs so that users see the text "Either email or password is not correct".


  • Changed the text in the snackbar when a password change failed so that users would see "Either email or password is not correct";
  • Improved UI display of the Dispute screen, so users could see only the buttons they wanted;
  • Implemented UI of Regular's ownership in the new Accounts toolbar, where users can see their cryptocurrency balances;
  • Added integration of Jira (a task-tracking tool) with GitLab and customized the automation of ticket movement.


  • Improved the Bug Report page to allow users to use its functionality correctly;
  • Developed KYB-2 and KYB-3 backend frameworks for business accounts so that users can register and use the platform as a business;
  • Redesigned the Sign Up page for business accounts and updated the footer and header for this page as well;
  • Revamped the Live Roadmap to keep users up-to-date with the latest updates.

HR Talent

  • Made task decomposition on the hourly contract interface for more detailed scheduling;
  • Improved the handling of IDs at milestones in hourly contracts so that they work steadily.


  • Improved the list of votes opening via a direct link so that the list opens steadily.


  • Started working on connecting 2FA to P2P deals for better safety for users;
  • Improved the display of some elements in the dark theme for better perception;
  • Added search in currency selection fields for better UX.

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