Memes are the true art of comedy. Moreover, they serve as a platform to easily convey current news, share thoughts, and express emotions. That's precisely why, amidst the rapid development of PointPay, we are launching the Meme Competition!

Any PointPay user can participate! Your task is to create a funny, relevant meme on one of the following topics:

  • Token Swap
  • New PXP
  • PointPay development

However, feel free to unleash your creativity entirely. But in doing so, your meme must be the best of the best. Of course, the connection to PointPay must be evident regardless.

You have time until April 12th to craft your masterpiece. On Friday, in our regular Weekly Update, we will announce the results of the entire competition. To stand a chance of winning, you must share your meme on the social media platform X (Twitter) and accompany it with the hashtag #PointPayMemeCompetition! Regrettably, entries without the hashtag cannot be considered for prizes.

The top meme creators will be rewarded with PXP:

  • 1st place - 1000 PXP
  • 2nd place - 500 PXP
  • 3rd place - 200 PXP

Are you ready to get started? Then don't waste any time! Create one or several memes and upload them. Don't forget the hashtag!

PXP will be credited directly to the winners' accounts. However, to do so, we'll need to get in touch with the winners. Therefore, if you see your X account in the Weekly Update, expect a message from a PointPay representative! We will only request your User ID.

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