The PointPay team is working hard to deliver our community the best products and services. We are introducing a new feature to reward our loyal customers — discounts for PXP token holders. When you hold PXP, you can receive a discount for using our native token to pay trading fees.

Here's how it works:

Deposit more than 7,500 PXP tokens into your PointPay account and earn a discount on each trade on our cryptocurrency exchange by holding those tokens. The more tokens you deposit, the greater the discount. The discount applies to Advanced and Classic Exchange Interfaces.

Your discount on trading commissions will be calculated based on the total amount of PXP tokens held in all your accounts. For example, if you have 10 thousand PXP tokens stored across all your accounts, then your discount on trading commissions will be 5%!

How much can you save on trading fees?

You can save up to 35% when you buy or sell through our trading platform. To see the discount levels, please refer to the table below.

Your level

Amount of PXP in your account

Your discount


< 7 500 PXP



7 500 ≥ PXP < 12 500



12 500 ≥ PXP < 75 000



75 000 ≥ PXP < 125 000



125 000 ≥ PXP < 450 000



450 000 ≥ PXP < 750 000



750 000 ≥ PXP < 1 500 000



≥ 1 500 000 PXP


You can also find a full discounted rate table in your trading terminal. Just log into your account and navigate to the exchange.

How is the discount on trading fees calculated?

Fees are charged in the asset you receive. For example, if you buy MATIC/USDT, the fee is paid in MATIC. If you sell MATIC/USDT, the fee is paid in USDT.

For example:

You place an order to buy 7 000 MATIC for $0.70 USDT each:

Trading fee = 7 000 MATIC * 0.0005% = 0.035 MATIC

Or you place an order to sell 7,000 MATIC for $0.70 USDT each:

Trading fee = (7 000 MATIC * $0.70 USDT) * 0.0005% = 0.0245 USDT

The discount will be calculated as follows:

If you have more than 75,000 PXP tokens, your trading fee will be reduced by 15%. Considering the example above:

You place an order to buy 7 000 MATIC for $0.70 USDT each, but you have an additional discount of 15% on trading fees.

Discounted trading fee = 0.035 MATIC - 0.035 MATIC  * 15% = 0.030 MATIC

Or you place an order to sell 7 000 MATIC for $0.70 USDT each:

Discounted trading fee  = 0.0245 USDT - 0.0245 USDT * 0.15% = 0.021 USDT

There's more! Pay trading fees in PXP!

We have also enabled the opportunity to pay trading fees in PXP tokens. The final fee amount is converted to PXP at the current exchange rate.

To activate paying trading fees in your PXP account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your PointPay account and go to the Advanced or Classic exchange interfaces.
  2. Navigate to the fees section under the “Place Order” field.
  3. Turn on the “Pay fee in PXP” button.

Congrats! You now automatically pay trading fees in PXP tokens.

We are proud of this latest achievement and hope it will encourage more people to become familiar with our project and join us on our journey towards becoming one of the top cryptocurrency ecosystems in the industry!

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