A new listing will take place on the PointPay platform on April 21, during which the FLOKI token will be added. The Floki project is a meme currency that has managed to become something more. Over several years of development, the project has gained enormous community support and has developed its own utility, and now intends to become the most popular cryptocurrency.

The tale of Floki takes root in the moment Elon Musk unveiled his furry companion, Floki the dog, to the public. This event led to the creation of a unique token, one that quickly gained a following as a meme currency with significant potential. The dedicated development team behind Floki is currently working on building its utility and expanding its value, garnering the adoration of a growing number of enthusiasts.

Now, after a year and a half of development, Floki has transformed into a leading utility project that has its own products and can no longer be considered just a meme currency. Today, the project has its own NFT collections, NFT Metaverse Valhalla where users can play and earn, FlokiFi Locker, which allows users to save their NFTs and tokens, a store for physical goods with cryptocurrency payments, a virtual Visa/Mastercard debit card, a virtual crypto university, and much more!

Speaking more closely, Floki boasts a developed ecosystem, thanks to its numerous partnerships and proprietary developments, enabling its token to be utilized across various stores, trading platforms, games, virtual bank card recharges, and more.

Furthermore, Floki offers a 3D NFT Metaverse called Valhalla where users can engage in enjoyable activities, utilize or receive Floki NFTs, and earn money. Although the full version of Valhalla is currently unavailable, it will be regularly updated with new content.

In addition, Floki provides DeFi Utilities, which include a range of financial products. One of them is FlokiFi Locker, which allows you to lock any tokens and NFTs to safeguard them from potential threats. Additionally, a staking platform will soon be added to their DeFi suite.

Floki also offers a crypto education platform, a virtual university where users can comfortably learn about Web3. The learning process is presented in the form of lessons within the metaverse, making it an engaging and fun way to acquire knowledge.

Moreover, Floki has its own collection of NFTs, as well as a set of NFTs created for their game.

Lastly, Floki has a dedicated merchandise store that can be accessed globally, where clothing and accessories can be purchased quickly and conveniently using cryptocurrency.

Among the project's partners are:

  • EPay, which allows you to make payments on the Flokiplace trading platform from anywhere in the world;
  • CryptoCart, which provides the ability to buy goods in more than 1500 stores as part of the partnership.
  • Curate (XCUR), which allows you to use Floki tokens as payment on the XCUR physical goods market.
  • And others.

Currently in development are the Staking program, university courses on cryptocurrencies, as well as new content updates for the Valhalla game. The project is also actively seeking new partnerships and opportunities.

The Floki token is multichain and is represented in two blockchains: Ethereum and BSC, which correspond to ERC-20 and BEP-20 standards. There is a bridge between these networks that allows you to move your tokens 1 to 1. The token itself is a deflationary asset, which is achieved by constantly buying back the token and burning it with each fee transaction.

Starting April 21st, Floki will be available on the PointPay platform for trading, buying/selling and staking. Don't miss it!

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