Dear PointPay Family,

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Don’t know what to gift a close friend or relative? Would you like to surprise someone you care about with a truly useful gift? Then the PointPay Gift Card is the perfect choice for any occasion!

You will be able to purchase PointPay Gift Card on the platform from December 21st.

What is a PointPay Gift Card?

The PointPay Gift Card is a prepaid crypto debit card that holds a particular amount of digital assets and can be used for various purposes in the PointPay ecosystem.

At the moment, you can only purchase PointPay gift cards in PXP tokens, but other cryptocurrencies will be added soon. You can choose the value of a PointPay gift card and personalize it with a congratulatory message.

Recipients of PointPay gift cards will be notified via email. Then they can receive the cryptocurrency directly to their PointPay wallet.

How can I create and send a gift card?

1. To purchase a PointPay Gift Card, please visit the PointPay Gift Card webpage. Select the account from which you would like to purchase the gift card.

2. Select the amount of PXP tokens you would like to send. Please make sure you have sufficient funds in your account, as PXP tokens will be debited from your wallet after you confirm the purchase of the gift card.

3. Enter your name to specify the gift giver and select the date when the gift card should be sent to the recipient.

4. Please enter the recipient’s email address and select a preferred language for the message.

5. You can also write an additional message, such as congratulations on the holiday or an expression of gratitude. The recipient will see this message when they receive the card in the mail and their PointPay account.

6. Press “Send a gift card”, and that’s it! The recipient will receive an email with your congratulatory message.

What are the advantages of the PointPay Gift Card?

  1. The easiest way to introduce the recipient to the world of cryptocurrency is here! Present the gift card, and the recipient will be able to exchange it for digital assets. Your friend, family member, or business partner can then use those funds at the blockchain-based bank with the widest range of in-house services.
  2. A PointPay gift card is an exciting and valuable present to express your appreciation. A person can spend it on trading on the crypto exchange, staking receiving interest, or accessing educational videos at a crypto school!
  3. It is also perfect when you don’t have time to go shopping or spend hours searching the Internet for a gift. A few clicks and a Gift Card of any amount will be in the recipient’s email!

PointPay gift card is an ideal solution for any occasion. Whether it is a birthday, graduation, anniversary, or holiday, you can present your friends and family with the perfect gift. It is easy to order, convenient to send, and guarantees that your loved one will be happy. Give and receive happiness with PointPay!

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