There are a lot of different opportunities in the worlds of crypto and blockchain technologies. Following the popularity of decentralized finance (DeFi), there has been a rise of NFTs and Metaverse. Non-fungible tokens and exciting meta universes have taken the spotlight and still remain on the front burner, with the highest volume in sales occurring in early 2022. So while 2021 can be called the year of NFTs, GameFi apps have surpassed DeFi in terms of popularity among users.

The rapidly-growing GameFi sector involves blockchain games that offer economic incentives to play them. They are known as play-to-earn games. Each play-to-earn project needs an engine, an activity to create real value β€” the game's virtual world. However, tokenization can stretch to literally anything.

Today, PointPay experts will tell about the brand new concept β€” move-to-earn projects, where the simple activity of working out and jogging can become tokenized. PointPay experts believe that move-to-earn games and move-to-earn NFTs will become the up-and-coming way to reward users with crypto just for working out. Let's dig in to find out more!

PointPay: About Move-to-Earn (M2E)

The Move-to-Earn (M2E) concept represents the culmination of a physical experience in the Metaverse using non-fungible tokens and geolocation technology. Unlike Play-to-Earn (P2E), the Move-to-Earn concept does not require upfront investments. Instead, users receive tokens, in-game items, or other monetary rewards for moving around by foot, bike, scooter, jogging, working out, etc. The more time users spend moving around and doing sports, the more they can earn.

Even though the concept seems simple, straightforward, and truly exciting, we still don't know if this idea might be sustainable in the long term. However, there are many M2E projects out there, and PointPay experts will share information about some of them.

PointPay: Best Move-to-Earn (M2E) games

Sweatcoin ($SWEAT)

Sweatcoin is an exciting next-gen move-to-earn game that rewards users for walking, jogging, and other physical activities. For every 1000 steps users take, they earn in-game $SWEAT tokens, which can be used to purchase goods in the Sweatcoin marketplace, including electronics, fitness equipment, gift cards, and more. Users can also use $SWEAT tokens to buy other cryptos like ETH, XRP, and others.

In early 2022, Sweatcoin users spent over $60 million worth of goods and services in the marketplace in exchange for physical activities.

With that in mind, Sweatcoin tops our small list as it is a great move-to-earn game for everyone who wants to get fit, be healthy, and get rewarded for it.

Source: Sweatcoin

Genopets ($GENE)

PointPay experts believe that the team of developers behind the Genopets M2E project uses this concept in the most exciting way of all the games in the sector. It is not just a Move-to-Earn game; it is also a pet-raising game that allows players to earn $GENE tokens by using movement to care for the users’ so-called spirit animals. So the better participants take care of their pets, the more $GENE tokens they earn. Users can also upgrade their Genopet valuable NFTS and transform movement into $GENE. After that, users can sell or exchange tokens or trade NFTs In the marketplace.

As a community-oriented M2E project, Genopets is an excellent game for those who want to stay healthy, socialize, and get rewarded.

Source: Genopets

Step App ($FITFI)

Step App is another move-to-earn fitness application built on the Avalanche blockchain. Here users can compete in the Metaverse through augmented reality and turn fitness goals into income during competitions with other players.

Users can start by selecting a unique SNEAKs NFT and use it as workout gear to move, earn crypto, and make purchases (in-game items). You can jog, compete with friends and meet like-minded people online.

Step App is an excellent example of a move-to-earn (M2E) or Run-Earn-Run project. By using it, you can not only get paid for jogging and working out, but you can also have fun while competing with others.

Source: Step App

Final thoughts

PointPay experts believe that the Move-to-Earn concept is a great way to get paid for doing something millions are already doing β€” jogging and working out. In addition, these M2E games offer an exciting way to earn crypto and buy and sell unique NFTs, which are growing in popularity these days despite the fact that we've entered the bear market. Furthermore, move-to-earn projects offer extra motivation for doing sports, as you can also get rewarded and compete with other users. The final flourish is that these games offer an easy way to get started with crypto without even having to invest money.

Even though all of the above factors are coming together to create the perfect storm of hype around M2E games, it is essential to create long-term sustainability for monetary incentives. That's why we still can't be sure if Move-to-Earn is a temporary fud or if these projects are here to stay.

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