By 2022, the total value locked in blockchain protocols worldwide reached more than $200 billion. There are more than 900 million Bitcoin addresses worldwide and nearly 40 million addresses with non-zero balances. Cryptocurrencies are on the rise, and we will see more innovative ways to interact with this new technology in the future.

In January 2021, the TVL in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) was $20 billion. Today, it stands at $201.55 billion, a tenfold increase over the past year.

Source: DefiLlama. Total Value Locked in DeFi as of January 2022.

Centralized Finance, or CeFi for short, is similar to DeFi but without the drawbacks associated with DeFi’s decentralized nature. CeFi offers the returns and opportunities of DeFi while providing security through a centralized entity. In this way, blockchain is disrupting the banking sector.

PointPay is one of the largest blockchain-based banks. Our users can make quick and affordable deposits and withdrawals, trade on the crypto exchange, store funds in a secure wallet, deposit assets to earn rewards, or take out a crypto loan. This is an intuitive, safe and reliable way to interact with cryptocurrencies.

Vladimir Kardapoltsev, the PointPay CEO, gave an interview to TechTimes in which he shared some insights into his career path and PointPay’s dramatic growth from 15 to 130 employees in one year. In addition, PointPay’s CEO talked about the difference between traditional and crypto banks and the space for potential collaboration:

“The PointPay team wants to bridge the gap between the traditional banking and cryptocurrency worlds. So we are not opposing traditional banks. I think the best way for banks and cryptocurrencies to work is to stick together.”

We have significant prospects for PointPay in 2022, and our goals include launching the PointPay NFT platform, debit and credit cards, integrating margin and futures trading, and more. Obtaining an international banking and foreign exchange license is one of our top priorities for the coming year. The crypto market is enjoying high demand from institutional investors. However, there is growing concern about Defi and Cefi regulations in the crypto space. Therefore, PointPay is committed to meeting the need for secure and licensed crypto banking services to ensure that our customers do not interact with illegally acquired assets.

Over the next five years, the crypto industry will see the same widespread adoption of partnerships and networks that have already occurred in the corporate world. Decentralization is incompatible with crypto giants and monopolies, but collaborative efforts will allow us to operate more efficiently. PointPay is a pioneer in the upcoming changes.

You can read the full interview via the link.

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