On October 23rd, we marked a pivotal milestone in our journey with the triumphant conclusion of the 26th PXP token burn , commemorating our recent assent to number #14 in the rankings on CoinGecko.

In this latest round, PointPay once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to token value enhancement, burning a remarkable 3,300,000 PXP tokens. This substantial incineration underscores our dedication to providing a thriving ecosystem for our PXP token holders.


The impact of this burn has been nothing short of spectacular, bolstering the already impressive growth of the PXP token since our global update. This, in turn, solidifies our presence as a leading player in the market, with the PointPay exchange consistently climbing the ranks. The continuous influx of new users, drawn by our enhanced interface and functionality, has added to the excitement of our ascent.

As a reminder, our burn policy is deliberate and impactful, focusing on quality over quantity. We’re committed to hosting these pivotal events only a few times a year, with each iteration surpassing the last in terms of scale and significance. The promise of our next burn looms large, with even more tokens slated for transformation, undoubtedly benefiting the PXP token and its loyal holders.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation for your enduring support and engagement with PointPay’s services!

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