Dear PointPay family,

In just a few days, the entire world will be celebrating the onset of the New Year. Meanwhile, we have a bit of time to reflect on the past months and recall what we've achieved.

Traditionally, PointPay sums up its accomplishments in the format of an annual report. Inside this comprehensive document, you'll find all our achievements throughout the 12 months of 2023:

  • Platform Evolution and Significant Updates: We've tirelessly worked on enhancing our platform, implementing substantial changes to make the user experience more convenient and innovative.
  • Achievements and Records: The year 2023 brought us not just accomplishments but also set new records. We take pride in achieving significant progress, accomplished together with you.
  • Key Milestones Defining Our Path: There were moments that altered our vision and influenced our journey. We embrace changes and aim to grow, considering each step.
  • Most Important News: Our report encompasses pivotal events that have impacted our operations. We believe that being well-informed is a crucial aspect for our users.

These are just a few of the many aspects presented in the report, including key indicators and metrics reflecting our progress.

Finally, we are pleased to present to you the Roadmap for 2024. It's a detailed plan showcasing our ambitions and strategic goals for the upcoming year.

Get acquainted with the PointPay 2023 Annual Report with Google Drive or download a PDF file:

Wishing you a Happy New Year in advance!

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